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Black Dog Asana ApprovedGuys this yoga mat is made especially for you.  Nice right?  Its great to see products made just for guys – making it easier or more tempting for them to get into this wonderful practice.  We’ve taught a good bit of guys so we’re always on the look out for awesome products that appeal to them.  Extra long and extra thick this mat is perfect for the man who is man enough to practice yoga.  We have practiced on this mat a few times now and love it, and it definitely performed well.  Founder, Maggie Franz thinks that she has finally found the mat to get her dad and brothers into yoga, now all she has to do is find is the right argument.  This mat was definitely designed by guys for guys.  The mat is thicker and heavier than any other mat that we have tried so it definitely will not move around on you and is tough enough to support all of your joints just like a good mat should.  Guys, now that you have your own clothes and mats like this gem here, you’re running out of excuses! Get a YogaJack and join us on your mat!

YogaJack understands that men, understands what they would want in a mat – both the look and feel. This mat has been designed this mat not only to perform but to last as well.  It is made out of eco friendly yet durable material which ensures that this mat will not flake or tear and will be there for you for years to come.  You don’t want to fall in love and get cozy with a mat (they become your rock) and then have it flake, chip or tear on you.  YogaJack mats are designed to be durable while respecting the Earth -yes it is possible.  The mats are also designed hold you and your body weight in place.  Each mat is created with a proprietary textured design that feels smooth so it will not detract from your practice and holds your hands and feet impeccably.  Yoga mats are like people- they come it different shapes and sizes, colors, thicknesses, and weights. Some are tougher than others…this one would be like the marine or yoga mats.

We understand that our words can only do a mat so much justice – so guys we urge you to try this one.  After all, how many other mats can say that they were developed just for you and not both you and the 110LB waif of a girl practicing in front of you.  We all need different things- for mental, spiritual and physical health.  You might need a sturdier or longer mat – no shame there.  Get yourself a tough mat, a mat that will last, a mat that will comfort and support you – a mat that’s a solid rock for a physical practice.  Yoga is different for everyone.  YogaJack has your back.  Still not sure?  If you’re new to yoga get a group of your buddies together for a yoga session – its not the same as walking into a studio by yourself.  Get an inexpensive mat from a local store.  Then when you guys realize how awesome yoga is one of you get a YogaJack mat and then you can all feel the difference.  You’ll all be walking into your next class with a YogaJack.  If you already love yoga and you’re gun shy about shelling out the cash for a better mat you can still do the same thing – or get your buddies to chip in for the mat and you can all try it.  I’m still confident that you’ll be walking out of your next class to get yourself a YogaJack.

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