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Wisdom Yoga Mats

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Black Dog Asana ApprovedNot all mats are created equal.  There are a lot of mats on the market.  They all claim to be a lot of things – they’re eco-friendly, they’re comfortable and thicker than other mats.  Some say they have great designs or focal points.  And there are even some that say they’re a part of the community – But is there a mat out there that can say all of that and that they’re actually giving back to and taking care of the community?  That would take a mat with some serious wisdom.  Wisdom Mats are thick and durable mats that are comfortable, non-toxic, contain no odors, are adorned with inspiration – a reminder for your practice.  Our Wisdom Mat says “Love yourself”.  As soon as we start to get frustrated,  all we need to do is to look down and we are reminded to love ourselves and accept what our bodies can offer that practice.  We love these mats so much – Murphy even has one to provide him comfort and support in his crate (which he curls up…or sprawls out in as soon as we grab a coat or a purse).

Practicing on our Wisdom Mat is awesome.  When we pulled the mat out of the packaging we knew it was a great mat.  As soon as we rolled it out and started practicing on the mat we were blown away.  We’ve had a few different mats now and we have to say that this Wisdom Mat is definitely one of our favorites so far.  The mat is comfortable, it doesn’t move around on you and it holds you in place as you root your feet into the ground.  The other awesome thing about Wisdom Mats is that the company has a heart.  And we mean a big heart.  For every mat that your purchase from them, they donate a yoga class to those who can’t afford it.  Some companies work to push a product.  Wisdom Mats is working to bring the joy and benefits of yoga to everyone both through their mats and their philanthropy.  Support Wisdom Mats the next time you need to purchase a new mat.  Your money won’t be going to a large corporation that doesn’t care whether you buy their mat.  It won’t be going to a company that doesn’t care about where they source their materials or how they treat their employees.  Your money will be going towards providing yoga classes for those who might need it the most.


Wisdom Yoga Mats

Be Kind to Yourself - Wisdom Yoga Mats



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