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Sometimes we wonder what it would be like to practice yoga in new and different places. Its exciting to wonder what it would be like. Just think how cool it would be to practice yoga…on a cloud. It would be the most comfortable mat ever! Just think how good that would feel on your wrists, knees and ankles.  OK, we know we’re dreamers but today we have a reason for having our heads in the clouds. We just tried out the softest, most plush yoga mat ever – try to picture this: memory foam meets yoga mat. If you’re able to form that mental picture, you’re most likely seeing a Vernice Vita Yoga Mat!

You heard us right, Vernice Vita yoga mats have brought memory foam comfort to your yoga practice. They’re putting three layers of comfort and stability into their mats – when you’re practicing on one of their mats you can really feel it! With this out of the world, over the top comfort level you’ll be able to take your practice to new heights as you sink to new depths in your stretches. We’re going to blow your minds with these next tidbits: these mats are suited for any type of yoga (Vinyasa flow, Power, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini, Yin and more!), they’re durable and hold up to the rigors of daily practice, and they’re eco-friendly! Crazy, we know.  We love the combined comfort, durability and earth conscious mentality that goes into these mats, and are hooked on the way they enhance your practice.

Vernice Vita has (and we can’t imagine how long they must have designed, researched and tested to come up with this) found the perfect formula for yoga mats.  Honoring tradition while bringing us major advancements in comfort and durability – Vernice Vita is making magic… we mean mats everyday. You have to try one of these mats for yourself because, try as we might, words and pictures just can’t do these mats justice. As soon as you step one foot onto this mat you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

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