Jade Yoga Mats

Jade Yoga Mats

Limbering and lumbering the world!

Black Dog Asana Approved

There are a lot of different yoga mats out there, so it can be difficult when purchasing a mat for the first time or selecting a new mat.  To complicate the decision there are different sizes and thicknesses of mats among the different brands.  What do you look for in the brand of mat you select?  Who knew there could be so many questions about something as seemingly simple as yoga mat? The answer to a lot of these questions comes down to personal preference.  If you’re new to yoga or have only ever tried the first mat you bought or borrowed then you might not know what your preference is….

That’s why we’re here.  Black Dog Asana has tried a few mats and we fell in love with one in particular. Jade Yoga Mats is our new found flame and we’re all a glow about them.  Sturdy and supportive, these mats hold you up and won’t move on you as you move through asanas.  A sturdier mat is also going to last longer, which means over time you’ll actually buy less mats.  That means Jade Yoga Mats will keep you, your bank account healthy and the planet healthy.  This company is doing great things for the environment – limiting the amount of product and waste in the world – which is important to us at Black Dog Asana. The mats come in a wide array of colors as well so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your personality.  And the different sizes means that you too can be like Goldilocks and find that perfect fit.  No more weeble wobbling for us.  We found the perfect platform of practicing poses- too much? We did not think so either.

Jade yoga cares about yoga practitioners and focuses on bringing us the best mats possible. This is the reason that their products are of such a high quality – from their blocks, to their straps and on down to their mats. But their care does not stop there.  The environment is extremely important to Jade Yoga.  So they make sure to use the most environmentally friendly materials in their products.  As they give back to mother earth by using these awesomely sustainable materials, they’re also providing additional bonuses for those that use a Jade Yoga Mat.  Their mats provide a better grip and are more resilient than any other mat on the market.  As if that was not enough, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every yoga mat purchased, allowing you to give back to mother earth by purchasing the best mat on earth.

So do us all a favor and go purchase your Jade Yoga mat (or two), plant a tree, relax and get limber!

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