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In November of 2012 Founder of Black Dog Asana Maggie Franz underwent a transformation on the beaches and in the yoga huts of Mexico. Previously, Maggie  was simply the owner of Black Dog Asana and Yoga enthusiast – now she can change that last bit to yoga instructor!  Maggie has to give a big thank you to Aurorae Yoga Mats.  She needed a mat that could hold up to the heat, the pounding of two practices and a teaching session a day, and a mat that could fit in my suitcase.  That’s a lot to ask of such a simple tool.  We were afraid that she would not be able to find a yoga mat that could deliver all of that.  But then we found Aurorae Yoga Mats. Aurorae Yoga Mats are durable and natural yoga mats that are comfortable to practice on, while looking amazing.

During the week the trainees went through many changes, and transformed ourselves as they also became teachers.  The one constant for Maggie was her Aurorae Yoga Mat.  The group laughed on their mats, cried on their mats, felt their stomachs tumble over and over with nerves on our mats, gained confidence and even danced on their mats.  Maggie’s Aurorae Yoga Mat was her home in a foreign country, her rock to support her and her magic carpet to transport her.  They practiced on their mats a lot during the week of training – the equivalent of yoga three-a-days.  Throughout each practice, the mat was the best Maggie could ask for – light weight it fit in her suitcase, cushiony it supported her on a concrete floor, spry it held its shape after every practice, clean – the mat would wipe clean easily and dry quickly without retaining odor (if you only knew the buckets we sweat out in that palapa). Not all mats are equal and that is a big deal when it comes to the moisture and odor that can build up in a yoga mat. Aurorae handled it with flying colors-much like the awesome colors of their mats.

There are a large number of mats out there to choose from.  Deciding which mat to take with me was a big decision. Maggie was very glad that she had her Aurorae yoga mat with her. It really had the best features from all of the other mats rolled (no pun intended) into one calming ocean blue, eco-friendly, little piece of heaven (in paradise if you can imagine what that was like). The Aurorae Yoga Mat was exactly what she needed in a yoga mat. These mats are free from any rubbery or synthetic odors and do not retain sweat or body odors. They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns as well.  When we call our mat ocean blue we really mean that it has many shades of blue like the ocean.  It’s a beautiful mat that helps for a beautiful practice.

Aurorae does not stop at just yoga mats. Check out their website for other awesome products like yoga clothing and spa quality candles!

Aurorae Yoga Mat

Maggie’s Aurorae Yoga Mat that she used during her teacher traininge

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