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Black Dog Asana ApprovedYoga Mats – Our little slice of Heaven

If you practice yoga, you know much you can fall in love with that simple little slice of organic, non-PVC, recycled rubber.  New yoga mats are popping up everywhere and there are a lot of different options.  So how do you know which one is right for you?  Do you need a thick mat or a thin mat?  Is color important to you?  What about the different materials, how do you know which one is better? We are glad that you asked. Black Dog Asana is searching the World for new and awesome yoga mats to review for you.  We take a lot into consideration when choosing our mats – are they eco-friendly, are they quality, and what is the caliber of the company that’s producing these mats. We’d love for you to be able to test every mat out there before you buy it – but since that’s a lot more work and shipping costs than we can handle, we’ve worked hard to find the good ones and write reviews to help you determine what mat is right for you.

Our Reviews

Jade – Thick and sturdy these mats are supportive and durable.  The rubber used to make these mats provides a grippy surface that is perfect for yogis of all levels.

Aurorae – Thin yet supportive mats that are great for everyday practice or travel.  The foam-like material combined with its innovative texture make it easy to grip.

Wisdom Mats – Mats with a mind.  Wisdom mats are decked out with important reminders which also make them look awesome.  Buy one of these mats and give a yoga class to those in need.

Yoga Paws – These little gems make practicing yoga anywhere a reality!  Slide these mini mats onto your hands and feet and you are set to practice!

Vernice Vita – Like practicing yoga on a cloud.  These supple mats are made of memory foam and are great for yogis of all levels and ages.

YogaJack – This one is for the fellas.  Guys, there is a mat out there that is designed around your body.  Longer, thicker, and sturdy these mats are the perfect buddy to drag along to your yoga class.

Lazy Lizards – Adorable and creative mats for kids!

The Little Yoga Mat – Perfect for the wee ones! These mats are perfect for pint sized yogis!

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