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Seeing is believing…err well seeing is helpful!

Yoga Videos

Sometimes we could use a littler help, especially if your a visual learner like us here at Black Dog Asana.  What you’ll find on this page is a list of helpful videos that we have come across in the yoga online community.  We hope you like them as much as we do and we hope they help to deepen your practice and brighten your day.

Yoga Airport
This video is a compilation of Meghan Currie’s yoga post, as she “passes time in the airport”.  It is a beautiful practice and we are in awe of her skills.  She is an inspiration to those who are beginning their practice as well as those who are farther along in their practice.  That’s the beauty of yoga – you are never done learning

Why We Breathe
This is an awesome, hour long, documentary featuring many of the popular young yoga teachers that are sharing their practice with us.  You’ll resonate with many of their stories and enjoy hearing what drew them to yoga, what made them keep coming back and why they became a yoga instructor.  This is a beautiful and inspiring documentary.

Bridging the Gap Between Cultures – The Yoga Blog
A wonderfully compiled video where one yogin takes her practice back to where it all began – India.   Mariela Cruz practices Ashtanga yoga in the streets of india and the video beautifully captures the effects that it has on the people around her.  Breathtakingly beautiful both the asanas and interpersonal reactions are a sight to be seen.

Online Yoga Instructional Videos – YogaGlo
From explanations, to introductory videos to the higher levels of yoga, Yoga Glo has videos for you!  With a wide range of teachers, types of yoga and videos this site is a wealth of information and will be beneficial to your yoga practice no matter where you are on your journey!

Free Online Yoga Classes – Yoga Spot
We know that your favorite yoga spot is probably a physical location or but now it can be where ever you roll out your mat! Yoga Spot, is your online place for yoga with free instructional videos and classes.  Their videos range from 5 to 60 minutes so there is an option for everyone!

Yoga Anatomy – Do Yoga with Me
Yes, we understand you’re most likely done with school and might have had an anatomy less before, but this resource is different.  We all know that we are utilizing different muscle groups when we practice yoga.  Sometimes these are muscle groups that we don’t utilize every day.  These instructional videos teach you how to ensure that your body is properly aligned when practicing yoga.

Free Yoga Videos Online – Do Yoga with Me
We love free stuff, and we love free yoga stuff even more.  This is a great resource to suppliment a little bit of your studio time.  Studio time is important because you have face time with an instructor that can correct and aid you in postures.  But we understand budgets too.  Check out this site for free yoga videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

Yoga 101 – Yoga Bear
This is a great resource to utilize before attending your first yoga class.  Going into a a new experience completely blind can be a little bit daunting.  Not knowing what to expect can keep people from even going.  This video completely takes care of this.  Get an overview of what to expect, as well as a basic explanation of the poses.

Foam Roller Tips & Exercise – Total Wellness Austin
This is a little bit longer of a video but it provided a lot of good information and is a great introduction to foam rolling.  We’ve all walked into our first yoga class and saw all of the blocks and and rollers and been a little overwhelmed – we might have been shy to ask how to use them or why you might want to use them.

My Yoga Online:
There were just too many great videos on this site for us to pick just one and review it.  From basic instruction on different poses, to classes and helpful how too’s on challenging arm stands, hip openers and more this site is an amazing wealth of videos, information, and even music.  The videos are well done and definitely worth your time. We highly suggest that you stop by My Yoga Online and see for yourself just how much they have to offer.

AnmolMehtaCom – Pranayama Breathing
The “Most Powerful Yoga Breathing”.  Pranayama breathing holds the power to transform.  This breathing technique has been present in the writings of yoga from the earliest writings to today – so there has to be something to this powerful technique.  This video will present three types of Pranayama breathing that are perfect for beginners.

Yoga Apps –
Watch this awesome highlight of a great app from, which includes tons of videos, yoga practices, calming music tracks and much more. If you want to be able to have access to advice, how to’s and multiple variations on yoga practices all the time, via  your phone or tablet this is perfect for you.  Upset that you can’t take your favorite studio with you when you have to travel? Now you can have access to yoga all the time and from anywhere!

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