Yoga Threads

Yoga Threads

A look at why everyone loves yoga clothing

What’s your style? What do you reach for? Do you go for fashion or function? Can you have them both? There’s so many options out there when it comes to creating your wardrobe. Yoga clothing is a unique category unto itself. Within the realm of yoga clothing there is a multitude of different styles. Which means that there are yoga clothes for just about everyone – you just have to know where to find them. Sometimes people will only have one to two name brands available in the area in which they live so that’s all they go by. But there are so many different wonderful brands that are all unique and each one awesome. Black Dog Asana has made it our goal to spread the word about all of the yoga threads that have our Black Dog Asana seal of approval. We love them, and we know that you will too.

When you spend money on clothing you want to make sure that it’s money well spent. But when your trying a new line its hard to know that you will be getting your money’s worth. You want the clothes to last, to hold their shape and maintain their elasticity as well as avoid fading and gathering odor. This is hard enough to do in a store – ordering your yoga threads online is a whole different story. It’s almost impossible to be able to tell all of this from the photos of the products and their written description…well maybe you’ve been burned by ordering online before and can’t bring yourself to trust it. We want to know what the clothing actual feels like – if your like us you want yoga threads that are amazingly soft, yet hold their/your shape and are comfortable. As yogis we demand a lot from our clothing. The materials and process in which the yoga threads are made are extremely important to us. We want to  make sure that the money we are spending is going to support a company that’s eco-friendly and fair to their employees.

It’s beginning to sound hopeless right? Nope! Not with the companies on our site. Each company that we have reviewed and given our Black Dog Seal of approval has to meet all of the different criteria we discussed above. The look, feel and performance of the clothing must be superb. The pieces must hold their shape and maintain their fit. The process is extremely important to us. We have one Mother Earth and we want to make sure that we protect and support her. The yoga clothing that we approve of goes above and beyond to harvest and collect materials without scaring her, they’re put together in a process that isn’t pumping out harmful chemicals to burn her, and the companies respect and treat as well as pay their employees fairly. Yoga is much more than an exercise limited to a mat. It is a style of living, a perpetual mentality that we carry with us. We seek balance and goodness. The items in our lives should reflect this.  So we’ve searched high and low for products that do. Check out all the amazing yoga threads we love and you’ll be falling head over heals too.

Yoga Clothing Reviews

If your favorite yoga threads aren’t here and they meet our standards drop us a note and let us know! We’d love to reach out and review their products too!

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