Yoga, Its Red Hot

 Yoga, It’s Red Hot

Yoga, yoga for everyone, yoga is popularAnywhere you look today its seem like everyone is talking about yoga. Even the new pampers commercial features yoga for babies. Why is yoga catching fire so quickly and spreading across the globe? Let’s start with what yoga is. Yoga is a physical practice that is over 2,000 years old and first recorded in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Yoga is thought to be of divine origin and originally handed down orally before Patanjali wrote it all down. Yoga has been truly tried and tested over the centuries, which could be one of the reasons that people are giving it a go. Yoga pairs movement with deep breathing and relaxation or cessation of thoughts. Yoga has moved westward and become the popular new way to become and stay healthy. There are a lot of different fitness fads that come and go – but yoga has not only arrived but it looks like its here to stay. Yoga studios are popping up on almost every corner, each imparting words of wisdom, physical exercise, breathing techniques, and relaxation. These benefits all positively affect both physical health and mental wellbeing.

There are many reasons people are drawn to and fall in love with yoga. Yoga is different for everyone. Not only are there many different kinds of yoga, some more physical than others, but there is something personal about it that makes it your own. Whether you are practicing by yourself or in a large studio class you can make each practice as physically demanding or relaxing, as you like. Yoga is exercise but it is not like other workouts. Many workouts wear your body down while trying to build your muscles up. They are punishing on the body whereas yoga promotes physical wellbeing while strengthening and toning the body. Yoga through its vast array of poses: tones and builds muscles, increases flexibility, regulates bodily processes like digestion, decreases levels of stress and toxins retained in the muscles from both our lifestyles and environment. These benefits of yoga are also attainable for everyone, no matter where they are in their practice. Many of these wonderful benefits are also noticeable after the first practice. It is hard to describe the feeling after a good yoga practice. Other workouts require you to put in weeks of effort in order to begin to feel a difference. Aside from the athletic aspect of yoga there are many other benefits.
Yoga teaches us to live in the moment, to not stress about what might not happen or what we cannot control. Yoga teaches us to appreciate our blessings and to live in peace and harmony.  Along with all of the practitioners that are learning about the many benefits of yoga, the medical community is also picking up on the possibilities of yoga. Different health research organizations are beginning to conduct research studies about yoga’s affects on various health conditions. These conditions range from asthma to arthritis, digestive to eating disorders, osteoporosis to anxiety, depression and anger management issues. Doctors and therapists are putting away the pills and prescribing yoga as a treatment instead. Veterans of war are treating their PTSD with yoga. Kids with ADHD are getting off the meds and onto the mat. Prisoners are being rehabilitated with yoga, taught to love rather than hate to respect rather than challenge authority and others. School systems are now acknowledging the raise in self-esteem, self respect and self love that yoga instills and the peaceful treatment of others that it promotes thus helping to mitigate bullying.

Yoga is hot and is going to remain a popular lifestyle choice for a variety of reasons. For those that want to walk away tired and sore yoga is there. For those that want to relax and unwind, yoga is there. Students who need help focusing on living in the moment rather than stressing over what they cannot see in the future find an escape in yoga. When our bodies start to become sluggish from stress and toxins from the food and drinks we consume plus environmental pollutants, yoga provides a safe and natural way to flush them away. Today we seek a quick and easy solution for every malady that we think we are plagued with. We think that quick solution is taking a pill but the truth is just a short time on a simple mat can give our bodies much more than any pill ever could. Yoga is becoming popular because people are finding out how multifaceted it is, how many good things it brings into our lives, how anyone can come to yoga and receive its benefits. Yoga is here to stay. While we play with words and talk about yoga heating up not all yoga is heated. Rather yoga is whatever you want to make it, whatever you need it to be. Yoga is for everyone…and now everyone is clamoring to experience it for him or herself.

Yoga is popular, yoga challenges us.

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