The End all “BE ALL” of Gifts

The End All “BE ALL” of Gifts

Founder of Black Dog Asana Maggie Franz is an avid skier and loves Winter – we understand that she’s a unique breed.  But in between skiing and hiking through the snow, she makes sure to schedule some time in the tropics – and by tropics we mean a hot yoga studio.  During the Winter we can be tempted into staying home and by default sedentary.  It’s easy to stay home when we don’t feel like bundling up to go outside for the short walk to the car or maybe the longer walk to the studio.  Whatever our reason for avoiding venturing out this Winter could be, we should quiet that though and replace it with visiting your local studio.  The moist heat is after all, calling your name.

There are so many reasons to stay active but during the Winter months, that can be hard.  Maybe you like to walk or job to stay active- that’s tough when sidewalks go un-shoveled.  Gym memberships can be steep and for most of us treadmills and free weights aren’t very exciting.  Hot yoga is the perfect solution to keep you active, reduce your stress and risk for illness, stave off the Winter Blues and shed the pounds we might have added on during the Holidays.  Whether you’re active through the Winter like Maggie or not remember to treat yourself with hot yoga this year.  Buy yourself a class package as a special Christmas gift for yourself.  You deserve it! Or buy two packages, one for yourself and one to give to some that you would like to practice with – your best friend, your mom, your partner.  If you go to yoga wit your partner in crime why not switch it up and try partner yoga!

Yoga is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Is it even possible to give something better than wellness?  We didn’t think so either.  Yoga clothing and accessories are a close second though.  Just think, this Winter you could give someone a sweater, or the tools to fight arthritis; a teapot or pull someone out of depression, a book or the ability to truly know themselves (though yoga books are awesome too!).  When you make your list this year fill it, and the lives of your loved ones with health, happiness and peace – Isn’t that what this season is really about?  Om Shanti my friends.

So lets bust out our leggings and tanks, yoga short and headbands.  Layer up with some sweats and head out our local paradise…we mean studio.  No longer are we wishing for health and happiness, we’re making it happen – one practice at a time.  The Holidays are about being with family and friends, and in the hot room the more, the merrier! So bring them all.  Make an event out of it.  Hit up a class or a workshop and then grab coffee or go shopping with your girls.  You’re not being a hermit again this year – you’re celebrating life and your celebrating you, coming onto your mat and finding peace, one practice at a time.

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