Happy Yoga-Ween

Happy Yoga-Ween

What are you doing this Halloween? What are you dressing up as? A witch? An Indian?  A Zombie?  Dressing up is a great way to take a break from our “ordinary” lives and have a little fun.  Right?  Or are our lives really that ordinary?  If you think your life is boring or ordinary you have to ask yourself the question “Am I really living?”.  It’s so easy today to get wrapped up in the fast paced world around us and forget to be truly present in the moment.  Look at this holiday for example – are you hurriedly pulling together an outfit in between work, errands and sleep?  When’s the last time you made yourself a nice hot mug of apple cider and sat around a fire enjoying the beauty that Fall gives us?

As we plan to celebrate this crazy fun holiday it’s also a great time to reflect on our yoga journey and while we plan what we’ll be for a day or night, think about who we are becoming as a person, a student, and an enlightened soul.  We all have a story, a journey through yoga and it’s taken us to some pretty great places; places that you realize how to stop beating yourself up and really experience some self love, places where you realize that we take for granted all of the gifts that we really have in our life because for some reason or another we are not happy.  Where has yoga taken you?  Maybe as you plan your costume for this years party, draft it around something meaningful.  I’m not saying make Halloween boring.  Just take one quality you find in yourself and expand upon it – get creative.  For example, yoga has taught me that I’m more of a free spirit than I give myself credit for.  So for my costume this year, I’m dressing up as a gypsie – one of the ultimate embodiments of a free spirit.  Are you creative?  Are you passionate? What makes you, you?

This way when someone asks you what you are for Halloween, or why you chose that costume you have a great reason.  Who know’s maybe you’ll inspire someone else to think about themselves, and what qualities they might be keeping locked away.  Yoga gives us so much and affords us so many opportunities to give to others.  We just have to be awake enough to realize them!  Just like we have to be awake and sensitive enough to realize the true nature of our souls and what makes them unique.  When we bow and say “Namaste” we are verbalizing that our divine souls are recognizing the divine soul in another.  If we all share a little bit of our souls this Halloween think how much more awesome it will be than last year’s!

Happy Yoga-Ween!!

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