Embrace Mother Nature’s Gifts

Embrace Mother Nature’s Gifts

Bring Her Bounty into Your Home This Year

Gourd CenterpieceThis holiday season living simply is a great way to avoid stress and become grounded.  Living simply does not mean being dull, boring or bland.  It means saving money, spending time and living more. Each Fall and Winter, Mother Nature provides us with a bounty of beautiful and inspiring gifts. By living simply, we can embrace these gifts and bring them into our homes as decorations throughout the season.  In the Spring and Summer we cut, dry and arrange flowers all through our living spaces.   Why should we stop just because the weather grows colder? Autumn has a wonderful cornucopia of colors to enrich your home and the stark contrast of the Winter makes its deep colors pop.  These seasons, which combined make up the holiday season, can be as bright and as cheerful as the warmer months.  We simply have to keep our eyes open rather than hibernate to see all of the wondrous beauty Mother Nature has to offer.  So forget the dead, the dull and the fake holiday decorations and opt for the real things instead.  Head out into your backyard or to your locals farmers market or tree stand for inspiration this year.


Pumpkin PotpurriLeaves of all colors, acorns, walnuts, pinecones, pumpkins, gourds, corn and their stalks – there are so many different items that we can choose from!  The pallette of these earthy and vibrant colors never seems to end!  Pair some of these options together and mix in a few candles to make the perfect holiday centerpiece or mantle.  Pour some of the smaller items into hurricane jars or glass candle holders to create pops of rich color throughout the house.  Toss in a few cinnamon sticks to add some fragrance and your home will transform into a warm and inviting stopover for guests and neighbors.  The gifts of Autumn provide not only a variety of colors, but of textures as well.  Mixing colors and textures is one of the the most exciting ways to decorate.

Send the kids, or your hubby out into the yard to gather up this year’s crop of acorns, walnuts, leaves and pinecones.  Or, Pile into the car and head to a local farmer’s market.  Local farmers grow much more than pumpkins!  Combine your traditional pumpkins of different sizes, with gourds of all colors and shapes! Use a hanger or styrofoam to create a wreath form and glue on the fruits of your labor for an interesting and creative piece for your front door.  Look around your home this year.  Collect some of the candles, candle holders and jars to incorporate into your design to add additional elements and make your designs more interesting.  Using items in new ways is both energizing and fun – so be sure to mix and match and set your creativity free!


Not everything is dead and dreary in the winter! Head out to a Christmas tree stand and search around for the different options.  You will certainly find trees, but you can also find sprigs of pine boughs, wreaths and much more!  Grab those acorns and dried berries from your Autumn decorations and incorporate them into Christmas wreaths, table centerpieces, dressings for your mantles and staircases and more!  Dried branches can also turn into creative and refreshing decorations as well.  Take a log, cut the bottom off to create a flat base and bore holes into the top to create a festive candle holder!  Glue sugar on the top to make it look like it is covered in snow. Take some of the smaller sticks or twigs and fashion them into an old fashioned star or angel Christmas tree topper!  Save ribbons and bows and bring them out when decorating your home.  The different ways you find to use them are incredible!

Another way to embrace the traditions of the holidays as well as the fruits of mother nature, is to gather and use what you have stored in the house.  Baking Christmas tree or window ornaments can be another fun way to get kids involved with decorating for the holidays.  Instead of running out to buy new strands of lights, look around through the house for candles that you can safely use throughout your living space to bring the light of season, into your space.  Another fun activity is make your own candles to either decorate for give as gifts! Beeswax, another fruit from Mother Nature, is perfect for making candles.  Tuck bits of cinnamon sticks, pine needles and dried berries into the candles as you pour the wax to make them extra festive and provide additional natural fragrances.  Other homemade gifts that can be made easily and naturally are lip balms and bath fizzies. These are great ways to share your new simple life styles with those whom you hold dear.

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