Our Articles

Our Articles

Black Dog Asana is working hard to bring you lots of articles to provide information from lots of different sources.  We are bringing our knowledge to you!  Below you’ll find a list of our articles that we’ve written, and we’ll admit it – we think they’re pretty good.  Yoga is something that we’re passionate about.  That’s why we’re becoming teachers, why we’re sharing our lives and stories with you.  We hope you like the articles and would love your feedback as well as ideas for more articles.

2014 Articles

The Many Forms of YogaA quick look into the different forms of yoga, a part from the physical form of Hatha that many of us are familiar with in the west.

The Yoga of Love
Rather than focusing on being single this Valentine’s Day, make a date with yourself and get emotionally healthy before looking for it in someone else.

When Life Gives You Lemons
Rather than using disgusting cough medicines and chemicals to treat our symptoms this year, lets stock up on the tasty yet powerful little super fruit – the lemon.

Attitude Determines Altitude
A challenge to Yogis to go beyond what is known and try new brands and companies just like we open our minds, bodies and spirits to new poses on our mats.

Exploring the different health benefits of these popular poses.

Eight Limbs of Yoga
A look at the eight different limbs that lead us to the attainment of bliss or happiness.

Relax and Just Breath ~Pranayama
A brief article on the many benefits and different types of Pranayama or forms of breath control.

Yoga For Kids
Are you aware of all of the great health and wellness benefits for kids that practice?

Yoga Threads
We’re very particular about the clothing we select both for our practice and our website.  Only the very best and the most conscious are awarded the Black Dog Asna seal of Approval!

An Interview with Maggie
Learn about how we got started, what we’re about and much more in this informative interview with the founder and owner of Black Doga Asana, Maggie Franz

Yoga, Its Red Hot
A quick look at why yoga has become so popular and why this healthy lifestyle is here to stay.

2013 Articles

Happy Yoga-Ween
This Halloween, what are you dressing up as?  Is it something that reflects your personality?  What about the person that you’ve become?  As we decide who or what we are going to be for Halloween let’s reflect on who we have become through our journey with yoga.

The End All “BE ALL” of Gifts
Why not give a gift that keeps on giving: health, happiness and peace? Yea we couldn’t come up with a reason not to either.  Yoga it up this year with your girls, guys, significant other and more and spread peace and joy through your life and the lives of those around you.  No more being a hermit just because of a little snow.

Just a Bunch of Blockheads
A brief overview of the many uses for yoga blocks and an introduction to a new take on this old staple.  Have you ever experience a block that fit your body?  Would you believe us if we told you one existed?  Read the article to learn about the new ergonomic yoga block, the Three Minute Egg

Destination Teacher Trainings
An article outlining the highlights of a destination teacher training trip and why it was so much different than a local teacher training.

Yoking Together Religion and Yoga
One of the big questions people often ask Maggie when they found out that she practices yoga, is becoming and instructor and has a business around it is “But I thought you were Catholic?”.  The beauty of yoga is that it not only goes nicely with but enhances any faith.  Read the article to find out how it enhances Maggie’s life.

Made In Mexico
This is the first article written by owner of Black Dog Asana, Maggie Franz.  It details why she came to yoga, how she fell in love, and the jump to pursuing teacher training.  There are many more to come from us here at Black Dog Asana! So keep coming back!


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