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Black Dog Asana ApprovedAt Black Dog Asana, we’re lovers – we love products from all over the world.  With all of the different and beautiful yoga products, sometimes we find some really cool things from places as far off as India or Tibet.  But we are also big on hometown (and home country) pride.  Without getting into the politics (because we feel that there is no room for that, or the fighting that comes with it, in yoga) there have been a lot of jobs going overseas.  This has been especially true in manufacturing.  So when we find a U.S. company making great products here at home – we just have to shout about it.  Recently we have been on the hunt for some great American made products…this might have something to do with the Olympics…but we did not come up empty handed – or, err, maybe we with this product we did.  Yogi Bags are versatile, durable yoga mat bags that hold everything you like to take with you to yoga so that your hands are free.  Hands are much better used for things like opening doors, drinking tea and hugging yoga friends rather than juggling mats and towels and such.

Yogi Mat BagsThere are a lot of yoga bags out there.  Not all of them are awesome but we have been lucky to find a couple of good ones.  Yogi Bags are just one of them.  These flexible but durable yoga bags are in a league of their own.  Let’s break them down.  In yoga  – size does not matter…but when it comes to yoga bags, well its very beneficial.  Yogi Bags are big enough to fit two yoga mats.  Which means that if you like to double up your mats – you’re in luck.  If you like to bring a mat, a towel and a block, you’re also in luck.  These bags hold everything you need to get the most out of your yoga practice.  The bags are also flexible, which make them even more awesome – because they basically shape-shift (much like you as you move through your practice) to fit almost anything.  The canvas is made and dyed here in the United States- which just tickles us pink…or purple…or black…Supporting American yogis and American workers makes us give mad props to this yoga mat bag supplier.  A simple yet great design makes them even cooler. Add in their affordability and well, we might just be over the moon.  Formerly when I was an instructor and now as a yogi who likes to travel to practice in different outdoor locations, a good yoga mat bag is important.


Black Yogi Mat BagA good yoga mat bag that I can afford is even better! We had the chance to test out two of these awesome mat bags – one in grape and one in mollusk (a dark greyish black color).  When we toted these around with us we loved how easy, how light and comfortable these bags are.  They move with you and make moving simple – just like transitioning through your asanas.  We’d even say that Yogi Bags make getting to yoga almost as relaxing as yoga itself! If you still do not believe us then you really should get yourself one of these bags – it is not going to break your bank but it will make your trip to yoga a lot simpler.

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