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Stick-e Yoga Products

Black Dog Asana ApprovedWe love it when we can find multiple awesome products from one company.  Its important because it means that the quality will always be there – because it goes into everything they do.  It’s not every day that you find a company like this.  We have been fortunate to find and review a few for you.  But now it’s time to tell you about Stick-e.  Talk about diversification! The wonderful people at Stick-e have been busy practicing yoga – I mean researching, brainstorming and designing innovative products to enhance your yoga practice.  Think of them as the Costco of the yoga world – they’ve got yoga mats, yoga mat towels, yoga socks, yoga gloves, cooling towels, versatile headbands, wrist supports, innovative blocks to both support and challenge you – and they do not stop there.  Just like Costco, they’ve got everything you need in one place.  When the loverly people at Stick-e contacted me about their products I was excited.  I was not familiar with the vast array of exciting products that they offer.  When I got to try some of them I was ecstatic.  I tried their headband that has many different uses, their cooling hand and neck towel that is soft and durable – but add water and you will be amazed at its cool abilities, and lastly I got to try their wrist supports.  Each of these products are in a category unto themselves

(this is the awesome part of my job here).  Stick-e has made a wide variety of products that not only neat but work well.  Take their headband – this one product has about fie different uses!  Unlike anything else on the market, their wrist supports are unique while being supportive.  The towel is what really got me.  By just adding water you have virtually a softer, more flexible version of an icepack.  What other company has products like these?  (Answer: We have yet to find one)nd all of the products are held to a high standard of production and performance.

Stick-e’s products are designed and made to stand a part.  They definitely get points for thinking outside of the box and creative design in my book.  On the other side of the coin, for them to really get the Black Dog Asana Seal of Approval, they have to work.  This was my first time using wrist supports, and it could not have come at a better time – the start of mountain bike season and starting a full time job while also typing after work to update this place.  At first I thought they would be cumbersome and take away from the practice, but they were easy to use and work with.  The headband was comfortable and thick enough that it stays in place and is comfortable.  My head and headbands do not tend to get along…my head is pretty small so everything slides around or falls off.  Not this headband.  You can also play with it and make it look like one of the popular turban style headbands.  I could be here for a while describing how well these things work but you should really just give them a try for yourself.

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