Evolution Yoga Bag

Channel Your Inner Peace

With Outer Peace Designs

Black Dog Asana ApprovedAt Black Dog Asana, everything shuts down when a new Outer Peace Design Evolution Yoga Mat Bag arrives.  Every time we see a new design from Outer Peace Design we are blow away by the sophisticated design, the gorgeous patters, ingenious use of colors, the functionality and the versatility of the bag.  The newest product, the Evolution Bag has some how topped all of the others and we did not think that was possible.  We always talk about how great these bags look and how well they fit everything a yogi needs.  But what we really should be talking about is how well thee bags hold up on top of everything else.  We are hard on our gear, and our treatment of our yoga bags is no different.  Let’s face it, today we are dropping it on the floor here, tomorrow we are rushing and tossing it there.  Our poor bags take a beating.

Outer Peace Design, Yoga Mat Bag, Tote Yoga Mat Bag, Evolution Yoga Mat Bag, Evolution BagWhen your schedule is as busy as ours – you need a bag that you can count on – we just happened to find a bag that you can count on that looks great!  We hate to pull a Goldilocks, but we’ve tried bags that are too big, too small, too flimsy and too rigid – this one though, is just right.  So what is it about this bag that makes it look great and hold up so well?  Outer Peace Design is serious about the materials that are used to make their products and requires them to be flexible and soft yet durable.  The fabric design has to be top notch as well – every pattern is exquisite.  From colors, to textures, to patterns no detail is over looked.  The second important feature is the strap, which just like the fabric is flexible and soft, but extremely durable.  The strap is also designed to to be wider so that when carrying everything in your Evolution bag, it is not digging into your shoulder.  Inside the bag are all of the pockets that you need to keep everything organized – so you don’t look like a crazy carpet bag lady looking for your keys or wallet (We’ve been there, done that, and its not pretty).  The inside of the bag is lined with a complimentary color, giving it an extra layer and added durability without compromising flexibility.

Outer Peace Design, Yoga Mat Bag, Tote Yoga Mat Bag, Evolution Bag, Evolution Yoga Mat BagOuter Peace Design has done it again.  They’ve created yet another yoga bag that yokes together form, function and design – talk about a union of all things good.  Affordable and beautiful these bags make a great gifts and can be used for much more than just yoga.  The tote bag shape of the bag, plus the durable zipper and pockets allow you to carry almost anything.  On the outside of the bag is neat loop or sling to hold your yoga mat.  We have to admit, we use this bag all of the time – not just for our yoga classes.  Currently Maggie’s new work tote and she’s even used it as an overnight bag.  Talk about versatility!  Any product from Outer Peace Design is going to blow you away – but this one might send you to the moon.

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