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Yoga is a simple lifestyle and a peaceful practice but when you add up your water bottle, keys, wallet, mat, mat towel, favorite strap and hand towel – carrying all of your favorite essentials can get quite complicated.  We can say with complete truth (while we might not want to admit) that we have both shown up to and left from yoga classes embodying a hot mess; trying to juggle way too many things, dropping our key in the parking lot, and everything else at the studio desk.  Not Quite peaceful is it?  And definitely not our prouder moments.

Outer Peace Design has rescued us!  Their sturdy and stunning bags allow yogis to bring all of the things you might need for class and keep them contained and organized.  This is great because you can relax on your way to class knowing that you aren’t missing or forgetting anything – which is one less thing you have to take off your mind when you’re rolling out your mat for class.  With either a zipper or magnetic closure, sturdy straps and a bag that holds its form, Outer Peace Design is serving the yoga community one yogi at a time.  These bags go way beyond functional – we’d love them for that alone.  But the bright and beautiful patterns make these mat bags fabulous too. In fact we love them so much we might be tempted to use them for more than just yoga.

OK, back to being serious – Clutter breeds stress and the last thing you want or need on your way to yoga is stressing over whether you forgot your hand towel or whether your water bottle fell over and is dousing your mat towel.  Find inner peace in your life and practice with a bag from Outer Peace Design.

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