NamaSTAY Mat Towels

Finally! A Towel That Stays in Place!

Black Dog Asana Approved

NamaSTAY Yoga Mat Towels

If you’ve ever practiced yoga using a towel to cover your mat, you’ve probably had to fix the towel multiple times throughout the class or practice as it moves around on you.   The majority of mat towels available today simply cover your mat, laying flat on the surface.  As you move from one asana or position to another the corners or edges of the mat towel may be pulled one way or another.  We’ve all tried to quickly rearrange the towel and catching up to the rest of the class, instructor, or DVD and the towel just never sits right after that…unless you completely stop, leave the mat and fix it.  Let’s face it no one wants to do that.

Enter NamaSTAY Mat Towels, the perfect solution to our shifty mat towel problems.  The creators of NamaSTAY Mat Towels must have experienced this same problem because they created a towel that almost completely solves this problem.  The towel is softer than any other mat towel that we have tried at Black Dog Asana, so soft we could curl up with it and fall asleep.  Embroidered into these awesome towels is both the Om symbol at the top of the mat and their website at the bottom – so that you can be the awesome trend setter in your yoga class.  We found that the Om symbol was not only an added plus to the design, it was also a helpful tool during those tricky balancing poses by providing a nice focal point.  These mats also run true to size and fit any sized mat snugly.

So how do these mats solve the problem?  They’re not flat.  The towels act like an envelope gripping the two ends of your mat and holding on.  The NamaSTAY Mat Towel folds over each the top and bottom edge of your mat and you tuck these ends into the towel.  No longer are the corners of the towel flipping over on you as you move from Warrior II down into Chaturanga, or shift or slide around as you pivot during class.  This simple, yet elusive solution has been perfectly executed by the towel’s designers and we couldn’t be happier with this towel’s performance.  The NamaSTAY towel holds its own against its’ competitors – it’s better designed, is available in an array of colors and sizes, is crazy absorbent and incredibly soft… Oh and it doesn’t move around on you.

Thank you NamaSTAY for building the better light bulb… metaphorically we mean – by creating a yoga mat towel that doesn’t compete for your attention during yoga, and allows you to be truly present in every pose and mindful of what you should be focusing on.  We’re not saying that this towel magically makes yoga easy, make you more flexible, or stronger- but it will remove the problem of your mat shifting around on you, eliminating one of the main distractions in yoga!


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