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LoopAsana – the innovative new yoga strap

Black Dog Asana Approved

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. It’s easy to get frustrated with the traditional yoga straps available.  There’s a one size fits all mentality that just doesn’t work anymore.  Excess strap gets in the way and can be distracting and annoying.  The buckles can get in the way too, that or they can add discomfort or additional distraction if they’re resting against your skin.  What ever happened to making tools and accessories that fit your customers?  We’ve already reviewed one loop that comes in different sizes, but what about one that’s adjustable, with no excess, no distractions, just one tool that aids in stability and flexibility?

Look no further than the LoopAsana Alpha Loop.  This is just one of two styles of yoga strap that this company offers.  Both of which are revolutionary and both of which aid in your yoga practice rather than distracting you with excess hanging strap or buckles.  There are many different uses and configurations for the LoopAsana Alpha Loop that enhance different poses.  Whether you have come to yoga because of a limited range of motion due to age, injury or because you haven’t been stretching over the years or because you want to increase your level of flexibility and strength, the LoopAsana Alpha Loop can help you.  We’ve tried the Alpha Loop for ourselves and loved it.  The option for a larger and a smaller loop makes poses where you need help both stabilizing and increasing flexibility.

Our favorite use for the LoopAsana Alpha Loop are poses in which flexibility in the back and legs is demanding.  The smaller and adjustable loop allows you to successfully grip your foot and pull through your arms increasing the stretch while maintaining your balance and stability.  Other loops can’t grab different limbs or parts of your body as easily.  This loop has found it’s place in our arsenal of straps, blocks, supports and mats to aid us on our journey deeper into the stretches and into yoga – both as an exercise, health tool, and lifestyle.

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