Jo-sha Yoga Mat Wipes

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Jo-sha Yoga Mat Wipes

We practice yoga quite a bit here at Black Dog Asana, which means that our mats could get a bit funky.  We don’t always have a bottle of mat cleaner around.  When we pack our mat bags – sometimes we can’t fit a bottle of mat cleaner in. Then there’s the cleaner in the studio, that you have to wait to use after class and sometimes you don’t get around to it.  What if there was a really simple and yet effective way to clean your mat?  What if this simple solution didn’t take up a lot of room?  And what if it was effective, enough so to clean both sides of your mat?

Well there just happens to be such a product and it happens to be awesome.  Jo-sha is making an assortment of great smelling and effective yoga mat cleaning wipes.  Yup, wipes!  these come in a package of 20 wipes (are completely affordable) and conveniently pop out just one at a time.  slip one of these little guys into your mat bag and you’re all set to wipe away the sweat after practice.  These are so gentle and cleansing that you can use them on your skin to freshen yourself up as well as your mat.  Jo-sha mat wipes are innovative and effective – which is why we love them.  The great scents like lavender, tea tree oil, tangerine, peppermint and eucalyptus are the icing on the cake.

Jo-sha mat wipes are so great that even though they were originally designed to clean yoga mats, are used in spas, gyms and by anyone looking to freshen up.  Jo-sha mats are great for your mat, your body, your weights and workout equipment. Maybe its the essential oils?  Maybe its the convenience?  Whatever the reason people everywhere are loving these cleansing wipes just as much as Black Dog Asana.  Founder of Black Dog Asana Maggie Franz has purchased her favorites – lavender to take to her yoga teacher training in Mexico.  Try a Jo-sha sample pack and take some with you to your next yoga class.  You’ll be hooked on these just like you’re hooked on yoga!

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