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We did it – we found a company that is just hands down completely awesome.  We like to think that all of the companies whose products we feature here are awesome – but this company is raising the bar.  Imagine this: a company cares so much about their product that they are taking the time to make it by hand, and then they care about their workers so much that they find the best and most deserving women and pay them well above the meager salaries other people in their countries are paid, then they assemble it extremely well… oh and it looks awesome. It sounds too good to be true right?  Well we have been shown that it does exist.  I AM is making kick butt yoga mat bags from hand woven fabrics by loverly ladies in Guatemala.  My bag was made by Maria…how do I know? She signed the bag! How often do you find a product where you get to see who made it? It’s blowing our minds.

Normally I use a bag that is more of a tote. I have to admit it, I am a bit of a packrat.  My strap, a towel, my book of quotes, my phone, my keys, an extra layer – I like to practice in comfort, are all with me both when I practice and when I teach.  So I was a little bit nervous that I would like the bag but that it would not hold everything.  Man was I wrong.  It holds everything and then some.  There is a large pocket inside the bag for everything that you might need or want to bring and the bag is also large enough to hold almost any sized mat and your all of your goodies.  And it does so in style – which is always a plus.  When you order the I AM mat bag it also comes folded up neatly in a cute little bag.  This bag I am going to be using a lot – it’s adorable!  The strap and the handle on the top of the bag are extremely functional and make toting this bag around a breeze.

I Am is a great company, doing great things, making great products.  When you buy a mat bag from them you are not just supporting a large company like the lulu’s of the world.  You are sending your money to women in Guatemala, putting food on their tables and providing education for their children.  Now I would much rather think about that as I walk into my yoga practice than wonder about the mass produced bag I carry has done for the world…or not done.  Yoga is about empowerment – empowering yourself to break free from the grip of negativity, of anxiety, of pain, of emotional paralysis.  Why not choose products that empower others.  Give back, give love, and get an I AM yoga mat bag.  See for yourself what I am talking about.  Get one here!

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