The Little Yoga Mat

The Little Yoga Mat

Perfect for the little yogi in your life

Black Dog Asana Approved

I’m an aunt, that likes to spoil her nieces.  I’m always looking for new things to do with them.  When I started getting into yoga my niece Addy really liked the colored mats and always wanted to play with them.  Of course this got me thinking and I started researching children’s yoga mats.  When I found The Little Yoga Mat both Addy and I fell in love.  These petite little mats are absolutely adorable.  Addy and I selected a purple one and waited for it to ship.  The first day we had the mat she was so excited.  I had to work that day and so I couldn’t teach her yoga.  That didn’t matter.  She played with that mat all day long, making it a bed for her doll, a ship like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and much more.

When I did get to hang out with her, the first thing she asked was “Can we do yoga Mag?”.  I was so excited.  We went upstairs and grabbed her Little Yoga Mat and I picked up my new Wisdom Mat and we returned to the family room.  Dad was ready and waiting to snap some photos before she got shy.  We laid our mats side by side and she jumped onto her mat.  I was trying to think of some of the easier poses for her to try… We started off with child’s pose.  She looked at me and asked “Like this Mag?” brimming with all the excitement her little three year old body could hold.  From child’s pose to downward facing dog and upward facing dog to tree and even more she moved her little body around the mat.  Excitedly she jumped out of each pose once we affirmed that she had achieved it.  If its possible I think she now loves the mat even more.

With just one practice on The Little Yoga Mat I could see how yoga can have a healthy and positive impact on her life.  She had so much fun and was giggling as she radiated confidence.  The little one is hooked on yoga and we are so thankful for The Little Yoga Mat for providing a safe, fun and adorable little slice of heaven for children.  If you love yoga and have little ones in your life, you really need to place an order with The Little Yoga Mat.  They’re perfect for mommy and me classes or for your little ones to follow along and practice alongside of you at home.  Help build confidence, self love, peace and healthy habits as children grow during their formative years with a yoga mat of their own.  The Little Yoga Mat will have your little ones hooked on yoga too!

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