Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat

Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat

For the aspiring little yogis

Black Dog Asana ApprovedWith the Franz’s, yoga now runs in the family.  I’ve begun teaching my younger niece Addy yoga on a little yoga mat.  My older niece Riley who is six years old needs a mat that is a little bit larger, and yet she’s too small for an adult mat just yet.  I was beginning to think that I was going to have to cut a big mat down to size, like I did for my puppy.  Luckily there is a company out there that’s making awesome kids yoga mats.  Even their name rocks – Lazy Lizards Yoga Mats produces kid sized yoga mats in kid approved colors with kid friendly pictures of fun poses for kids… Did we mention they’re all about kids?

My nieces have a ball with their Lazy Lizards yoga mat. It’s pink, so that’s a plus, and the pictures on the mat are adorable. the girls get such a kick out of them and have so much fun trying to do the poses.  My younger niece gets so excited when we tell her she’s gotten a pose and jumps out of it and then jumps or dances around on her mat.  Riley couldn’t wait to try the next pose. (I must say she’s a natural – or maybe the pictures are just that good!) When she got the frog pose (different from the Vinyasa frog pose) she started jumping around in the pose acting like a frog.  Hands down my girlies love the Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat.  They can carry the mat by themselves, roll it out by themselves, and when I can’t be there, practice by themselves.

There are plenty of reason why my nieces love the mat, but I love it for a whole different set of reasons.  Yoga is such a healthy activity in so many ways – for my nieces it provides them a safe place to play, to enjoy the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  They run and jump around all day long so for them to have an enjoyable way to stretch out their little bodies is so great.  This mat has yoga poses designed for kids printed on it, which are possible for them to do – which inspires confidence and self assurance that are vital as kids develop.  When we practice yoga it is an expression of love and because of the Lazy Lizard Yoga Mat my nieces and I can have fun and express our love in a new and beautiful way!

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