Sweatware Sweatproof Car Seat Covers

Sweatware Sweatproof Car Seat Covers – Black Dog Asana Review

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Sweatware Sweatproof Car Seat Covers

This year I stepped up and my my first adult purchase – my first car.  Of course now that I own it and am responsible for it, I am just shy of obsessed about keeping it clean.  I bought seat covers for the back seat to Murphy proof them, but what about me?  Between yoga, mountain biking, day long romps at the river in Ohiopyle, I am almost as hard on my upholstery as Murphy.  We did some searching and found the perfect solution for saving my car – Sweatware.  Car seat covers made for active, outdoors loving people (and dogs) like myself (and Murphy).  You know the rill- we had to try it.  The black one matched my car’s interior so its not garish or obvious that I have a seat cover over my driver’s seat. The pink accents are just enough detail to make the seat cover fun as well as functional.  I am so glad to have a good looking way to keep my car as new as possible, for as long as possible.

sweat proof car seat coversAs soon as I got my Sweatware sweatproof car seat cover in the mail I put it into my car.  It was quick and easy to do – just lip the pocket at the top over the headrest.  I love how easily this cover can be put in or removed from the car.  It also comes in a mesh bag for safe storage during times when you might not want to use it. (That’s a lot more than we can say about Murphy’s seat cover).  In addition to being easy to use, the cover is very comfortable.  The material used in the cover is flexible, durable, cushioned and smooth enough to be gentle on your bare skin – which is important after you have spent the day in the sun or sweating because your skin tends to be much easily irritated.  At least I know that mine is.  The material is also easy to clean and maintain which means that it will last and that it is a good investment – worth every penny.  It is great for anyone with an active lifestyle.

We’ve all been there – soaking wet, drenched with sweat and having to get into our cars after working out.  Founder of Sweatware Christina LaRosa was inspired to reate her easy to use, washable car seat covers – saviors of our cars upholstery. After careful research, planning and development Sweatware has grown and continues to do great things.  We are thankful that Christina stepped up to the plate (…or the mat if you prefer) and created a solution to this problem for us.  She is an amazing entrepreneur that is serving the community .  Black Dog Asana is proud to stand behind Christina and the Sweatware products.  We cannot wait to see what is next and will enjoy watching this company continue to grow.

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