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Every so often, in my search for items that help all of us live our yoga both on and off our mats I find something really cool. It might be a shoe, or a piece of art…or in this case a solar powered light – the perfect tool to bring on a camping trip or to to provide a light source for any outdoor evening activities. SunnySide Up Solar products are really neat.  Not only are they solar powered – which is something that most of our electronics cannot say, but they are as minimalistic as possible.  I had the opportunity to review one of their solar powered lights.  The majority of this product is actually made from cardboard apart from the covering of the light and electrical components necessary to generate electricity.  This company is doing something that is really cool and we think it will really catch on.  Most of us love spending time outdoors and just because the sun starts going down that does not mean we are ready to call it quits and head inside.

The SunnySide Up Solar powered light is pretty much fool proof and easy to use.  Place the light with the solar panel facing up in direct sunlight.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly the light’s battery charges – and you’ll love how the sun was the driving force behind that power.  This light will power your fun all evening and when the sun rises again in the morning just leave the light within the reach of it’s rays and you’ll be powered up for another evening of fun.  Every so often you’ll need to replace the battery in you solar powered light – but don’t sweat, changing the battery is as easy as unscrewing the screws that hold the light together, pulling out the old battery and putting in the new one.  I made sure to save the directions just in case I panic when I need to change it, but when I pull them out I’m going to laugh at myself for thinking I will need them.

SunnySide Up products are so neat that all of your friends will be asking where you got them and how can they get their hands on them too.  They make great gifts for anyone in your life that is Earth conscious, adventure loving…or both!  No more buying oil for tiki torches or struggling to light that tricky citronella candle that just does not want to cooperate.  Replace your outdoor lights with something that stretches the power of the sun’s rays.  When you are ready to head in for the night, just take them with you and place them somewhere in front of a window to recharge.  These products are light weight, do not take up much space at all and are much more fun to use.  Make sure to check out SunnySide Up Solar today and get your hands on one of their products.

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