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 Nature Bag

Here’s another nifty product that will help you live your yoga off of your mat.  But before I get into why I love these simple little bags so much, let’s take a moment to go over the details first.  These bags are handmade by indigenous peoples in Laos.  The bags are made out of a naturally growing chord know as JungleVine(TM).  This chord is incredibly tough though it is very thin.  The bags are woven so they they stretch and can carry much more than it looks like will fit.  Nature Bags are made right in the homes of the people who make them.  They are made as children are raised, and the communal aspect of family life is celebrated.  You can almost feel the love that went into making your bag.  They have been used by these native peoples and perfected over generations.  The proceeds from these bags go towards helping support those who produce the bags.  OK now onto the fun part – Why so many people, not just me love these amazing bags.

Nature bags are so light they are almost weightless.  Many people like to wear them even when they’re empty as they are comfortable and you may even forget you are carrying your bag with you.  They drape nicely over the shoulders or across the neck and still look great!  They scrunch up to almost nothing so you can throw them in your purse or tuck them in a seat pocket or glove compartment in your car rather than have the bags taking up room in the trunk of your car.  Because they are so light, they don’t add to the weight of all that you fill them with – which leads me to my next point… they stretch!  You can fill them with so much more than other bags.  Load them up with produce, load them up with clothes your next trip to the mall, load them up with anything you like – go ahead, they can take it.  I keep mine in my car so that I always have it when I need it.  Whether it’s taking Murphy to the dog park and filling it with a tennis ball or a few other toys to play fetch with, his leash, harness my Libre Tea glass and some treats for him, or if its heading down to the Strip District to hunt for veggies and loose leaf teas, I love pulling this bag out and getting to use it.

Here are the other two important factors:  It looks awesome and it is comfortable to carry.  This bag screams that you love to be green and that you have style.  There are times when going green means sacrificing style and risking potentially looking a bit funky – but not here.  People will be able to tell that they are handmade and when they ask you where you got them – because they will, you have a bit of a story to tell them.  You didn’t think a reusable bag could bring people together did you?  Well Nature Bags are doing it every day, bringing handmade items from far away into our hands so that we can support those who need it – both the people and the environment.  The bags have a thick strap that can be slung over your shoulder rather than the shorter stubby handles of other bags.  The strap is also long enough that it can be slung over the one shoulder and worn across the body.  Traditional women also carry these bags by placing the strap on their forehead and if it’s heavy enough (we’re serious these bags are heavy duty) they use a blanket or a towel underneath the strap.  Get one for yourself today and see how awesome they are.The Worlds Greenest Bag

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