Blue Dunn Flextasy System

Blue Dunn’s Flextasy System

Black Dog Asana Approved

When you want to increase your flexibility, build strength, and achieve better over all health,  there are a number of different options available to you.  We are huge proponents of switching things up and trying something new- especially if a certain method that you have tried was not for you or enjoyable.  When were talking to Evolution Health about their inversion supports they told us about Blue Dunn’s flexibility system Flextasy and suggested that it might be a good supplement to yoga or a way for people who are intimidated by yoga to get their feet wet, of course we said “Why Not?”.  Well, like all of the other product reviews on our site, w tried it and we think that it can be beneficial for some of our readers.  Blue Dunn’s Flextacy is a unique approach to inviting movement and flexibility into our bodies.  Dunn works at the skeletal level and has honed his methods after years of teaching – so you are getting his ‘A’ Game with this Flextasy For Beginners DVD.  Whether you are ready to start stretching or, have been and are looking for new ways to limber up, the Flextasy System might be what you have been looking for.

Blue Dunn’s Flextasy System has a number of different levels and options so it is approachable for almost everyone.  After studying the human body and movement for years, Blue Dunn has refined aw well as invented movements to put together a system that works or touches the whole body.  For those of us that are new to these types of movements, a built-in beauty to this DVD series is that you are able to do it in the privacy of your own home or apartment.  I remember times in my life being at a gym, trying to work on something or learn something new and feeling so self-conscious, like everyone there was watching you.  That fear or anxiety can be enough to make you dread or stop working.  Dunn’s videos are encouraging, educational and offer you a perfect level to start from and work to increase the health and vitality in your life.  The series are gradual and his spiritual personality will ease you through each movement- just like having your own flexibility guru there with you in your home.

If you are looking for a gentle yet rewarding method to increase your flexibility, build strength and invite health and wellness back into your life, then Flextasy is definitely worth a try.

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