Aurorae Yoga Candles

Aurorae Yoga Candles

Black Dog Asana Approved

Its like peanut butter and jelly or ying and yang, black and white (just about any great pair you can think of); yoga and candles just go together. A great candle can enhance any great yoga practice.  A great candle melts away the stress of any day before the wax melts down.  Whether it is by the tub or next to your bed, on a home altar or on your favorite table a great candle can brighten any darkness, shed light on any trouble, and enhance any situation.  Of course here at Black Dog Asana we are are always on the look out for awesome candles.  A candle has to look good, smell amazing – and we mean fill the whole room amazing, as well as last long.  After all what’s the point of a good candle if it just burns up in a week.  Not all candles are created equal.  We were thrilled with our good friends over at Aurorae Yoga told us that they were coming out with candles.  I mean couldn’t wait to get our hands on them, please send us one yesterday excited.

amazing candles that can enhance yoga practiceAfter trying trying and falling in love with their mats, and yoga clothes We knew that their candles would be amazing.  They did not let us down.  This candle is fixed firmly on the bedside table.  And let it be down that it will not be going anywhere.  It might be safe to say that this is the best candle we have come across thus far.  A slow burning, and simplistic in design this candle has a beautiful aroma that floats through the room rather than oppressively hanging in the air.  As someone who can’t wear perfumes, and stays away from strong scents the rave reviews of this candle do not come lightly.  There is a delicate balance with this candle.  A natural scent is not easy to come by – to do this without making this nose protest is impressive.  Yours will be just as delighted when you get your very own Aurorae Yoga candle.

Aurorae Yoga is definitely one of our favorite companies.  They continue to dream up and deliver products that enhance your personal yoga experience.  So far they are three for three with products that we’ve tried.  Their mat was my slice of heaven on the beaches of Mexico during my teacher training, their pants have been with me through numerous awesome practices and now this candle soothes my moods and senses both during yoga and when I am reading my favorite book in bed with Murphy.  The inquisitive 87Lb puppy often gets into trouble and so when I first lit this candle I was a little nervous about him sticking his nose into the flame or burning his nose, even knocking the candle over and making a disaster of a mess – but I must say that he was even pleased with the candle.  He checked it out and sniffed it a bit, but rather than get into trouble he laid down and took it all in.  This candle is pretty powerful.

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