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Black Dog Asana ApprovedGrowing up shoelaces and I did not get along.  The evil little things would come undone during my soccer games or on the playground.  My dad, as my coach, would not let me tie my own shoes before my games for years, fearing that they would both take me down and take me out of the game.  Here and there a few different products have popped up promising to solve shoelaces – remember those awkward curly things?  Being and adult now (although I can tie my shoes just fine – it’s still annoying) I’d like a real solution.  Lock Laces are just what I was looking for.

Lock Laces are your solution to well fitting or snug lace up shoes.  They allow the shoe to loosen up enough to easily slide on and in an instant tighten up and lock into lace.  I’ve currently got Lock Laces in my running shoes, but I can’t wait to get them into my trail running shoes, mountain biking shoes and any other shoes that have old laces in them.  Their simple design makes them super easy to put into your shoes (as testified to by the fact that I could do it.)  You lace them up like a normal pair of shoe laces, cut them to size, slide on the lock and snap on the cap.  I told you it was easy!  Lock Laces come in an array of great colors, so you’ll find one to match your style.  Lock Laces make getting ready a little easier, a little faster, and whether you’re running errands or running to work out, you won’t need to worry about shoe laces slowing you down anymore.

I have to get serious for a moment here and thank Lock Laces.  Over the Thanksgiving Holiday my puppy – the Black Dog of Black Dog Asana got sick.  We waited to see how he did overnight.  He didn’t get any better.  My dad called our vet who recommended that we take him to the hospital.  My dad woke me up and told me the news and I jumped out of bed.  I had to scramble to find clothes – luckily there are a few new products that made my life easier (my bra and tank combo from Electric Yoga) – Lock Laces made sure that I didn’t have to waste time putting on shoes, I was able to just run out the door.  It may have been something small, but when I needed them, they were there.  Thank you Lock Laces.

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