Juil Shoes

Juil Shoes

Black Dog Asana ApprovedIt seems like every day a new technology pops up and adds another pebble to the mountain of technology in our lives.  With all of the new forms of technology we are moving further away from nature.  Connection with nature is one of the essential elements for a healthy lifestyle.  With our growing technological world we are exposed more often to free radicals- which build up in our body when we encounter things like pesticides and a numerous amount of other toxins that are detrimental to our bodies tissues.  Research has shown that in order for these free radicals to stabilize we need to provide them with an electron to which they can attach themselves.  These electrons can be found in vitamin and foods, but the most plentiful source we walk on every day.  The Earth is chalked full of them.  Juil shoes recognizes that when we fail to connect with nature these free radicals begin to steal the electrons from our tissue and to help solve this problem they have created an amazing line of shoes that utilize their literally groundbreaking technologies.

Stylish and fabulous, Juil shoes will have your friends envying your feet…well your shoes anyway.  We’ve all walked through the mall and looked into the different stores with shoes claiming that they are natural and supportive of your body’s natural posture – but apparently they forgot that we like to look great along with feeling great.  Juil gets it, all of it.  Not only do they have the research and the Doctors to back up their technology, they’ve got a great design aesthetic to boot.  Their designs are inspired by and created from natural materials.  You’ll be amazed how in every aspect of their process Juil is respectful of Mother Earth and your sense of style – from the packaging, to the marketing materials, to the adorable bag that comes with your new pair of shoes, Juil is making everything from natural or recycled materials! And that’s a feet.. or should we say feat?

When is the last time that you came across a company that cares about your health and the health of the environment as much or more than you do?  Do your body (your feet especially) a favor, make choices that are going to provide healthy options that satisfy your crave for fashion.  Make Juil your choice for your next pair of shoes.  Your feet carry you around all day, every day – and many times in shoes that are less comfortable.  We all have shoes that are stiff and force our feet into unnatural positions, or don’t support them (and consequently the rest of our major joints) enough.  Juil shoes provide your feet with a flexible yet supportive cradle with copper buttons nestled into key areas allowing your body to stabilize the free radicals.  Coupled with a healthy diet full of nutritious fruits and veggies you’ll be surprised how great a pair of shoes can make you feel, and look.

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