Injinji Yoga Socks

Injinji Yoga Socks

Black Dog Asana Approved

Depending upon how long you have been practicing yoga you may have heard of yoga socks.  Yoga socks are just another way of enhancing your yoga practice by keeping you from sliding around.  We’ve had no slip mats, no slip towels and now we have socks and gloves that are another way we can keep sill and our minds quiet.  The great thing about yoga socks is that they are an affordable alternative to the more expensive mats and towels.  They’re also pretty neat.  Yoga socks have toes so that you can practice properly and comfortably.  Injinji Yoga Socks are Black Dog Asana’s go to for yoga socks.

Injinji’s are our go to because they’re a great product.  There are a few other options out there – but these guys have the whole package.  First, they’re designed for yogis (unlike some other athletic or work out socks), second they’re comfortable to wear and allow your feet to breath.  And third, they work.  Depending on what you normally practice on, Injinji Yoga Socks have a lot of options – the sock itself, the sock with rubber like grips on the bottom, socks with holes for your toes to peep through (and they come in lots of different colors – so if you’re a dork like me you can coordinate your stuff).  Recently I went to Mexico for my yoga teacher training, and during the trip I ran out of clean socks – embarrassing I know.  So when it came time for the day long trip home all I had were my Injinji Yoga Socks.  They were so comfortable I was actually glad that I ran out of my other socks!

Bottom line, yoga socks are another awesome tool or accessory to have in your yoga bag.  They’re affordable and durable.  And like all good yoga tools, they work! Buy them for yourself or gift them to the other yogis in your life.  Either way you’ll love Injinji’s awesome products just like we do.  Injinji is a great company that makes a solid product so you won’t be disappointed. In fact we have a suspicion that you’ll be wearing Injinji’s socks all over.

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