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Barre Socks

Every workout need the right clothing – I’m not being girly here.  I’m talking about the need to be comfortable as well as the need for functionality.  Take yoga for example (Surprise, surprise).  When I practice yoga I like to wear clothing that I know is comfortable so it will not be a distraction.  And I like my clothing to be form fitting so that it is not constantly shifting around on me or showing my midriff  So yes, when I work out I like to have the perfect outfit – a headband that will not slip, clothing that fits, and socks that…yes I am talking about socks and yoga.  These little guys can help enhance your yoga too.  I just tried Barre Socks, and I have to say I am beginning to see the light.  Barre Socks are well made, thicker, and adorable as well as functional.

Just like their larger clothing counter parts yoga socks come in a variety of types, each one having qualities that make them awesome. Barre Socks are no exception to this rule.  These yoga socks, obviously originally for Barre workouts are a great addition to your yoga outfit.  Whether you choose to wear them just in the beginning to warm up your feet or the whole class through, these grippy little guys will not let you down (unless you are in chaturanga dandasana!) Barre Socks are designed so magnificently: a sturdy sock, outfitted with rubber grips on the bottom for traction, with a tighter middle section to keep the sock from slipping around on your foot.  Girls they also look great too – brightly colored with fun stripes and patterns.  You’ll be able to enhance any yoga outfit with Barre Socks.  These guys are also great for both heated or non-heated classes.  For the hotter classes – you tend to start slipping around once the sweat starts moving and keeping your footing is important.  Barre Socks not only keep the moisture from your mat, but grip the mat as well.  For the cooler classes – Barre Socks provide you with the same grip, but also help to keep your joints warm while you practice (they’re great for savasana).  From keeping the skin on your feet smooth and nice, to providing a stable foundation, to protecting your joints, there are just so many reasons why I love Barre Yoga Socks.

If you have been thinking about trying yoga socks I highly recommend that you do it.  Take it from someone who wears them both on and off the mat.  You may find out that they’re not meant for you, in which the worst case scenario would be that you have another awesome pair of socks to wear with your sneakers or around the house.  I have wooden floors and when I’m rushing to get ready the rubber on these things is a literal life saver.  But really, I think you’ll love them.  They’re great for warming up and keeping your warm in savasana during home practice, as well as keeping your feet clean at the studio or gym.  We know that these places work hard to stay clean but socks can go a long way to help ease your mind.  Barre Socks are a minimal investment that can pay back dividends on your mat.

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