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Black Dog Asana Approved If you have practiced yoga – you know how important your feet are.  This often forgotten part of our body serves as our base for all of the other parts.  Our feet are what ground us, what keep us connected to the Earth.  They carry us where we need to go, and can even bring us closer (we know you secretly love playing footsie).  The point is you have to take care of your feet, and sometimes you should even pamper them.  No, we’re not talking about pedicures, although your nails would love a break from the chemical filled nail polishes of the world for a natural and eco-friendly solution.  Just like our shoulders and hips can carry tension and stress, our feet can hold tension.  Depending on our the way our bodies are structured, the way we treat our feet can either be the cause or the solution to our pain or discomfort.

Check out the socks, shoes and accessories that we approve of for you paws… or feet.

Our Reviews

Juil Shoes

Yoga Paws

Lock Laces

Injinji Yoga Socks

Barre Socks

Unstitched Utilities


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