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Zing Anything

SpaceCat Yoga WearWhile trying to live a healthier lifestyle, drinking more water has been high on the list of things to do.  But sometimes its hard – I mean water can be pretty bland when you’re craving something with a little bit more taste.  I’ve tried flavored waters and cutting my fruit juice with water but it just does not replace the original.  But hang on – we found something that solves our problem.  Rather than replace the original why not just enhance it?  How can you enhance water?  Zing it!  Yup you read that right.  Zing Anything is an awesome company that is working hard to bring us products that make water just a little bit better.  Recently I tried the Citrus Zinger and I am hooked.  Whether you are in your yoga class or just eating lunch their line of products is the perfect solution to your search for a healthy and refreshing beverage.  Adding your favorite all natural fresh fruit juice to water Zing Anything’s products give you a great tasting drink that’s as refreshing as a cool drink of water…well that is what it is after all.

There is no debating the health benefits of being well hydrated.  But drinking water is not always as high on our priority as it should be.  With the Citrus Zinger  water is quickly rising up on my list.  Water that tastes good – now that’s a plan for good hydration.  Then you have the added benefits of getting fresh fruit juice – yet another added health benefit when you use your Citrus Zinger and other amazing products from Zing Anything.  The great part about all of this – well aside from the great hydration and vitamins and all that is that the Zingers are really easy to use.  Just fill the bottom with your favorite fruit, follow the directions to juice the fruit, attach and fill the water bottle and you’re good to go. Grapefruits are one of my favorite fruits so I love the fact that I can get freshly squeezed grapefruit juice mixed with fresh water and can take it with me all day is better than the bees knees.

The other day I took my Citrus Zinger to my hot yoga class.  Having a hint of flavor in my water made me want to keep reaching for my water as I sweat buckets.  Upon seeing the cool design of the bottle and the fresh fruit in the bottom people were excited to see what it was.  One taste of the Citrus Zinger and my friend was instantly asking where she could get her hands on one.  I am not exaggerating here.  This is a great company, with a great innovative idea, that works.  I highly recommend any of the Zing Anything products.

A friend of mine has said that her Aquazinger has been the “Best purchase I’ve made since my yoga mat!”

The Aquazinger - the perfect and healthy way to enhance your water

The aquazinger – great for any type of fruit

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