Pipernilli Cookies

Vegan Cookies that Taste Better than the Real Thing

Pipernilli Cookies

Black Dog Asana ApprovedHealthy food options and alternatives are very important to us at Black Dog Asana.  We are constantly looking for great tasting alternatives to the mass produced, over-processed, and artificial substance laden snack foods that have taken over our grocery stores.  We might be super health conscious yogis, but we still have a sweet tooth.  Cookies are one thing that we are almost always craving – more so than cake, candy, chips – you name it.  And good, really good alternatives have been hard to find 0 until now.  Pipernilli has beautifully solved our cookie conundrum.  Now we can order amazingly delicious vegan treats made from healthy staples that I bet you never expected to find in your favorite cookie!

Pipernilli cookies are artisan vegan cookies made from using organic fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, apples and strawberries.  As if being artisan crafted using only the best ingredients was not enough, all of Pipernilli’s cookies are soft baked, ensuring that every bite is more enjoyable than the last.  You are probably thinking, “Right, but I like the classics like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raison – they can’t replace those with sweet potato or banana.”  Take it from me – they can and with one taste, they will.  Now you can eat your favorite cookies without feeling guilty.  I personally can vouch for three of their amazing flavors, the cashmere drops, the banana chiffon and the 14-Karat cake.  The first that I tried were the cashmere drops.  In order to give them a fair try, I ate first and asked questions later.  The cookies were delicious, velvety, even creamy.  I could not believe my eyes when I read the label which said that they were made of sweet potato.

Pipernilli was founded by Sherrita Davis while she was working in the fashion industry.  Like all of us, Sherrita was searching for a healthy alternative to this favorite snack.  Her co-workers were glad that she did, and so are we!  You can order these amazing cookies which are great for weddings, gifts, and everyday enjoyment right from their website.  Spoiler Alert! You will be pleasantly surprised to find that these cookies are a lot more affordable than you would expect to pay for artisan, hand crafted, certifiably vegan and organic cookies to be.  We are happy and proud to accept Pipernilli into the yoga community and certify them as Black Dog Asana Approved!

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*Photo Credit – Pipernilli Cookies – We ate ours before we could snap some photos!

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