Libre Tea Original

Libre Tea Original

Black Dog Asana ApprovedTea has always been something I have enjoyed but during my week in Mexico tea and I got reacquainted as I kicked the coffee fix – making the switch to green tea with honey.  I’ve become bent on trying all kids of new teas – and the more I was searching around the more loose tea started to pop up.  So I began searching for a good way to steep loose tea before I made a purchase.  There are quite a few options out there.  Some of the piqued my interest, but I settled on one to try.  This is no Goldilocks story – I fell in love after just one try.  Whether my research paid off or it was beginners luck Libre Tea Original was the first one I tried, and the one I’m sticking with.  I’m thrilled because normally when you try something new you go through a couple rounds of trial and error before you find the right one – but not this time!


Libre Tea GlassesI was a little nervous about trying to brew tea in any other form than dropping a tea bag into a mug of hot water.  When I read about the easy to use Libre Tea Glasses it sounded like it was missing something – like three additional steps.  I mean their directions were so easy that even I have to try to mess it up.  But they were right – my first time I was able to brew fresh hot loose tea and no, their directions weren’t missing anything.  Its just that easy.  The Libre Tea original brewing mugs are glass containers (that are adorable by the way) which I love because you can see the beautiful colors of the teas as they steep.  Their two piece lid and filter are as simple as twisting each piece onto the mouth of the glass.  They fit snugly and unscrew easily when your tea is ready to enjoy.  The only thing that requires a little bit of work is cleaning your Libre Tea Glass as it is NOT dishwasher safe – and even that is a breeze.

We’re completely sold on Libre Tea Glasses – their system is quick and simple, and it works like a charm.  Libre Tea Glasses are great for making your favorite tea any time of day – even in the morning during your dash to work.  And since loose tea can generally be steeped more than once, you’re able to fill your glass up again at the office with hot water and be able to enjoy another cup of tea as you’re working.  You could take our word for it and buy yourself and the tea lovers a Libre Tea Glass – or you could try a Libre Tea Original Glass for yourself.  Either way you need to get yourself one (or two) of these guys and fill your glass and your life with delicious loose teas.

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