Libre Tea Mug

Libre Tea Mug

Libre Tea is liberating us from limiting libations yet again!

Librea, Librea Tea, Loose Leaf Tea, Loose-leaf TeaToo much?  We didn’t think so either.  We cannot contain our excitement over this next installment in the Libre Tea line of products.  Their original is great, but in this new revamped version they’ve made it shorter, stouter, added a handle… its almost like they’ve overhauled it.  No, we are not getting carried away.  This tea mug is just that great.  The new mug allows you to enjoy your favorite loose-leaf tea over and over again, serving up the perfect tea minus all the floating bits.  How is this possible?  The Libre Lid System is a two-part lid that allows you to both seal off your tea while it steeps (which is great for clumsy folks like Myself and Murphy) as well as keep your tea nice and hot.  The second half of the lid is a mesh screen, which allows the water and tea to meet, and steeping the tea to perfection.

Loose-leaf tea is the better way to go…in our humble opinion.  Some people balk at its higher price tag, but in the case of loose-leaf tea – you get what you pay for.  When you use loos leaf tea, you can steep that same teaspoon and a half over and over again.  Try doing that with a boring old tea sachet.  (We love tea sachets for other awesome reasons – like reducing the puffiness around your eyes – just not for making tea).  Loose-leaf tea also tends to be fresher and a higher quality tea, which makes the flavor infinitely better.  The health boosting benefits of tea are also more plentiful in loose-leaf tea as it has not sat on your grocery stores shelf for umpteen years waiting for a poor sucker like you to come and give it some love.  We’re not saying that you should dart from here over to an awesome loose-leaf tea purveyor like The Spice and Tea Exchange to buy all kinds of tea.  Get yourself a Libre Tea Mug, and test out your favorite tea – minus the sachet.

Libre Tea mugs and glasses are made out of a durable, mix of glass and poly, which makes these liberating beverage glasses perfect for enjoying your on the go.  Although these glasses are not dishwasher safe, they are very easy to clean.  After all, you putting grade a loose-leaf tea into these babies, a dishwasher just won’t do.  Libre Tea glasses are versatile and allow you to either leave the tea leaves in while you enjoy your favorite cup, or place them in the strainer and then remove after the recommended steeping time has expired.  Either way you shake it – you have the perfect glass for enjoying your favorite tea anywhere you go.

Click here to learn “How To” enjoy your tea with Libre Tea Infusion Glasses and Mugs.

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