GoMacro and You Will Never Go Back

Healthy and Delicious Snack Options You Can Feel Good About

Black Dog Asana ApprovedMove over cardboard flavored energy bars, no more goo for us – we have found a delicious new energizing snack option that is incredibly healthy to boot!  We’re pretty active here at Black Dog Asana and love to do things like hike and mountain bike.  As part of our pack we’re always reaching for an easy to eat snack option that will provide a boost of energy.  Well to be frank, a lot of the options out there might be great for energy, or taste good, or good for you.  There are not many that can pull off all three all while being neatly packaged in a convenient bar.  Well the folks over at GoMacro have pulled off perfection in their Macro Bars.  These perfectly portioned and packaged bars are an amazing feat of cooking, engineering – whatever it took, they did it!  GoMacro’s Macro Bars are…wait for it…certified organic, gluten free, vegan, healthy, tasty, sourced sustainably, tasty, macrobiotic oh and a portion of their proceeds is donated, provides education and promotes environmental responsibility! Now you see why we are so excited right?

GoMacro has done what we had previously thought was the impossible, and they’ve done it in an astounding variety of flavors!  Our favorite so far has been the Cherries and Berries bar – but you really need to try them for yourself.  The flavors are as great as the ingredients that go into the bars…ingredients that we can all pronounce, and readily recognize we might add.  We cannot wait to stock our CamelBak’s and cabinets with these healthy, delicious and energizing bars.  Whether you are going to the pool, running to work, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, or just lounging around, these bars are a great snack option.  And there’s no need to drive around town searching for their Macro Bars.  Order your favorite flavors straight off of their website and get them delivered right to your door.

GoMacro MacroBars

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