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Black Dog Asana Approved

While there are many pleasures in life for us to enjoy, one of my favorites is very simple but also quite delectable.  To nibble on a bit of dark chocolate and savor that bitter yet sweet taste which is so rich, so silky, so wonderful is something my family has enjoyed together ever since I can remember.  Over the years we have tried a lot of different chocolate together, and have found that not all chocolate is the same.  Not all manufacturers are concerned with their process, their employees or the land they use to grow the cocoa.  When we started to take all of this into consideration when looking for a better dark chocolate producer, it lead us to Alter Eco: one company changing the lives, the landscape and the environment of 2,000 farmers and their families.  We tried their Blackout Dark Chocolate (which is 85% cocoa), Dark Coconut Toffee, Dark Quinoa, Velvet Truffles and Black Truffles…I know we really took one for the team on this one.  While we joke that it was rough, this was the smoothest chocolate we ever sunk our teeth into!

Quinoa, Quinoa and Chocolate, Organic Quinoa, Organic Quinoa and Chocolate, healthy crunch bars, organic chocolates, alter ecoIn Peru, near the edge of the Huayabamba river and on the edge of the rainforest, drug runners had the locals in this area growing their illegal coca plants which would be harvested and turned into cocaine.  With almost no other options these farmers and their families entered into dangerous relationships to sustain themselves and keep themselves fed.  It was an unpredictable and unhealthy environment for both the people and the land that they were farming.  Fifteen years ago, Alter Eco reclaimed this land and provided 2,000 farmers with safe and reliable employment.  No longer did they have to worry about dangerous reprisals.  alter Eco gave them meaningful employment through which the farmers and their families can stop worrying.  Fair trade and organic farming principles drive the methods used in their farming and production of the cocoa.  In total this co-op has planted planted just shy of one million trees and plan to plant yet another million over the next four years.  Their efforts are ensuring the replenishment of the forest canopy, an end to soil erosion, and working to protect this easily disrupted Eco-system all why capturing 1,250,000 tons of carbon dioxide!

When we purchase Alter Eco products we are supporting a lot more than a chocolate bar manufacturer (and a good one at that). We are supporting many different causes with every bar or truffle purchased.  This is the very reason why we founded Black Dog Asana – to find and spread the word about amazing companies that are doing so much more than simply selling us a product or service.  Hands down, and with out a doubt we love Alter Eco and their amazingly delectable chocolates and their amazing humanitarian and business practices.  This company is truly a force for good.  If it sounds too sweet to be true – do the research for yourself and look them up at and order some of their Velvet Truffles or Dark Quinoa (our favorites) for yourself!


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