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Cause yoga can only do so much if you don’t fuel your body properly

Yoga promotes health and well-being.  You can only be as healthy as the food you put into your boy.  Therefore healthy foods and good for you teas and beverages are synonymous with the yoga lifestyle.  There are a lot of different options to choose from, all made from different ingredients and in different ways.  It can be hard to know which foods and teas to choose.  We are working hard to try out different foods, snacks and drinks that are not only healthy but taste great too.  Not all foods or drinks are created equal – in fact some are much better than others!  We are picky testers here at Black Dog Asana… OK well maybe not Murphy (he’ll eat almost anything), but we make sure that we test out these items with some pretty tough critics.  We have also found some pretty cool products that revolve around food or beverages that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. We hope you’re hungry – these options are pretty awesome – the food and beverage reviews…and the snacks too.


Libre Tea
Zing Anything


CocoMama Foods
Lydia’s Organics
Navitas NaturalsAlter Eco

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