Book Reviews

Book Reviews

At Black Dog Asana we can’t get enough of books.  Books always seem to keep finding themselves in our bags, on our nightstands, piling up on our desks and on our book shelves.  Owner and founder of Black Dog Asana, Maggie Franz reads and reviews more than just yoga books on her second site Black Dog Speak.  Maggie reviews books of all shapes and sizes, historical and fiction, murder mystery and zen.  Here, on this page, you will find those pertaining to yoga, living a yoga or holistic lifestyle or revolving around health and wellness.  These books have educated us about yoga or helped to further our practice off of the mat (although sometimes we get caught reading on mat too). They have helped deepen our relationship with ourselves and explore further into our souls.

We are always looking for new and exciting things to read.  Below is a lit of the books that we have reviewed.  They range from Yoga Instructors to experts to everyday practitioners like you and me. Life is a journey in pursuit of knowledge and we are never done learning.  Reading books is another way to continue learning and expanding or broadening our horizons.  Keep checking back to see what new reviews we are adding.

Yoga Themed Book Reviews

Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning of Mantra and Kirtan

Pick Your Yoga Practice

Zen Under Fire

Teaching People Not Poses

Balance Your Hormones


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