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T*Langhans Soap

Black Dog Asana ApprovedAs a skier, and dog owner who is playing outside in the snow daily, my skin does not fair so well in the Winter.  Normally the first thing I reach for when I get dressed in the morning, get out of the shower, or before I go to bed is a bottle of lotion.  Somehow, the cold and dry air just leeches the moisture out of your skin through this time of the year.  Then you use an everyday soap and it zaps what little moisture you have been able to put back into your skin.  How can you even keep up?  Not playing outside is not an option.  What do you do?  You find something better.  And I’ve done it! I’ve found the answer, the end to dry skin.  Wanna know what it is?  OK, this is too good to keep it to myself.  It’s soap! Not just any soap though – 100% award winning olive oil Castile soap imported from Italy and made in Canada by T Langhans. This is soap like you have never seen, or felt before.

Olive Oil Soap BarsSilky, smooth and sumptuous, this soap feels so luxurious that you will not believe how easy it is to get your hands on it.  Affordable luxury does not even begin to describe these simple bars of moisturizing magic – but it does come close.  At Black Dog Asana, sometimes we can get a little excited (you thought I was blissfully unaware?  That’s what yoga does folks, it shows you your best, your worst and all of the possibilities in between and how to love it all) – and with this review you might think that I am getting a little carried away the way that I am raving on and on about something as simple as a bar of soap. Just one use, just one shower – shaving and all has changed the way that we look at and feel about soap. (Its no longer my nemesis!) For the first time, I hopped out of the shower and reached for the towel and then…nothing!  That was it!  It was so nice not to have to worry about spending the time to towel off and moisturize from head to toe.  It’s not a fleeting moisture either.  Sitting here quite a bit later as I write this review, my skin feels just as supple as when I got out of the shower.

This winter…heck…this spring, summer, fall and winter head over to their website and try a bar for yourself.  Ditch the Shea Butter, the Palm Oil and Coconut OIl.  Olive oil is where it is at.  We are not talking about just any olive oil though.  The Olive Oil that T Langhans uses has more gold medals than some Olympians – its exemplary qualities shine through…much like your skin will after just one use from this amazing bar of soap.  These bars of moisturizing soap work up to a light lather and leave behind lasting moisture.  As I mentioned before they make shaving a dream – not clogging up your razor, allowing it to do its job for a great performance all around.  T Langhans moisturizing soap bars are the perfect way to pamper yourself or a friend, making great gifts for any reason or time of year.  Chuck your old, damaging bar of soap and get yourself one from T Langhans.  I am pretty sure that just one use is all that it is going to take to make you change the way you look at soap.

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