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With SpaRitual Vegan Nail Polish

Black Dog Asana ApprovedAs yogis, we strive to live healthier, more natural lives.  Makeup, cleansers, nail polish – are all filled with chemicals anymore and consumers don’t even bat an eye.  So what are we yogis to do?  Miss out on the fun, colorful and expressive world around us? Not anymore.  SpaRitual is looking out for us.  They’ve created a wide array of chemical free, vegan nail polishes – so we can express ourselves guilt and toxin free.  Why is chemical free nail polish so important?  Well, beyond our desire to make ethical purchases, our finger and to nails are absorptive.  When we use regular polishes and polish removers, those chemicals are not just sitting on top of our nails but seeping down through them.  If you have a habit of picking off your nail polish, you are exposing yourself even more as the top, protective layer of your nails is chipped away with the polish.

SpaRitual has designed and created rich and beautiful shades of began nail polish that look as good as you’ll feel making an ethical and sustainable purchase.  All SpaRitual products are thoughtfully and expertly crafted.  Their vegan nail polish is part of a comprehensive offering of spa quality beauty products.  Rather than alter or cover up your beauty, SpaRitual works to improve our health and thus enhance your natural beauty.  We absolutely love all of their products, especially their nail polishes.  So far we’ve tried three different shades and each of them have performed flawlessly.  These polishes are effortless to apply, cover evenly and dry quickly.  The shades are wearable, yet unique.  Their matte sparkles are our current favorites.  They’re different in an understated rather than over the top kind of way.

Now you can be a natural, stylish and pampered yogi.  Save time and money by bringing the spa into your home, with the extraordinary line of wellness and beauty products from SpaRitual.  Embrace the world of color and self expression with natural and vegan nail polishes that are as unique as you are.  Pair your polish with your mat, your outfit or your mood with the wide selection of polishes.  Perfect for work or play, you’ll find the exact color you have been looking for.  And make sure to like and follow SpaRitual to stay on top of their newest products.

SpaRitual Nail Polish                  SpaRitual Vegan Matte Sparkle

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