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Skin care is a major part of any girl’s beauty routine – whether you’re into natural products or not.  So we do a good bit of research before we select a skin care product line for review.  Of course the products have to work – but we look for products that work great.  We also look for creative and unique products that offer something different, an alternative to the everyday cookie cutter products available. We found a new a new great line that we can’t get enough of…Shamanuti.  (Isn’t their name awesome?)  Their creative name matches their unique products.  From facial cleansers and toners to creams and masks, Shamanuti is packing powerful natural ingredients into products your skin will love you for.

We’ve been using Shamanuti’s skin care regimen for a solid week now.  And it must be said, Shamanuti has brought a radiance to our once dry and sensitive skin.  Clean skin is important, but some cleansers are harsh and can feel like they’re doing more harm than good.  Not the Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser from Shamanuti! This gentle and effective cleanser is like nothing else that we have ever tried.  When you work it into your skin it feels refreshing.  Washing it off your skin feels invigorated.  Then when you follow it up with the Seaweed Toner your skin feels like it could sing.  Who would have thought.  Shamanuti does not stop there.  Their gentle and oh so soothing Cream No. 1, well it’s hard to put into words just how amazing this little jar is.  Just a little bit of this cream will will softly coat your face in a moisturized bliss.  (This is no exaggeration). Using all three of these products your skin will feel awakened, rejuvenated and refreshed.  Visit Shamanuti’s website to see the rest of their fantastic products.

You need to take care of your skin, so why not do it with a line of products that make you feel like you just got a salon quality facial rather than a daily chore?  This integrated line of natural products will keep your skin feeling healthy and clean all day long.  As winter is now upon us, we’re pretty sure you’re noticing your face is a little bit drier than normal… maybe what you’re using isn’t able to handle the amount of moisture and care that your skin really needs.  Get in touch with Shamanuti and see for yourself.  We know that once you try it, you’ll be just as hooked as we are.  Again this is a great company, making great products and doing great things and we here at Black Dog Asana are proud to stand behind them.  Yogi or not their products make great gifts this Holiday season.

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