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I’ll admit it.  I am not much of a makeup person.  Makeup to me has always made me feel disingenuous.  Not to mention I was never very good at putting it on.  It always ended up looking more like war paint or stage make up than anything else.  Plus I felt like it was not healthy – your skin needs to breath so why cover it up?  In fact my mom never even let me buy foundation until I was in high school for that very reason (and then I was going to an all girl Catholic high school so I didn’t care what my face, or hair or anything else looked like).  Long story short, I do not wear much make up.  However now that I have found PaperDoll Minerals that is subject to change.  Paper Doll Minerals makeup is all natural mineral makeup that is actually healthy to wear – and for people like me, gives you an all natural refreshed look and feel.

Paper Doll Minerals makeup is so easy to work with, even a heavy handed person like me can apply it and still look natural and refreshed rather than like a clown or streetwalker.  Their makeup is light and airy and made from mineral compounds that work to enhance your skin’s natural beauty rather than smother it with heavy foundations and pigments.  With their line of products a little bit goes a long way.  Their products might be light and airy but that does not mean that they are ineffective.  I will be willing to say that you will most likely use less makeup with PaperDoll Minerals products than with your other types of makeup.  The pigments in this natural makeup a beautiful and blend together magically.  I do not think I can stress that if I can look natural after putting this makeup on myself then anyone can.  One other extremely nice feature about their products is that they do not make you feel like you are wearing makeup.  I forgot numerous times throughout the day that I was even wearing makeup!

PaperDoll Minerals Makeup is light, natural and refreshing.  Your skin will thank you for applying minerals your skin loves rather than chemicals that can irritate it and cause further breakouts. Don’t settle for lesser makeups that make the same claims.  Get clean and natural makeup that enhances and expounds upon your skin’s natural beauty while maintaining it’s health.  PaperDoll Minerals will even let you try their products before you make the commitment of purchasing their products.  Find out which of their foundations is right for your skin, or find your favorite shade of blush ensuring that your order will be perfect for you and your unique skin.  I don’t trust my skin to just anyone.  If I am going to wear makeup the products I am going to use have to protect and rejuvenate my skin making it look natural and bright.  Find out why I love Paper DollMinerals’ products so much and get a sample for yourself today!


Paper Doll Minerals Natural Makeup

Paper Doll Minerals Makeup makes your skin look natural and bight

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