Nurish Organics: Rejuven-Eight

Nurish Organics

Rejuven-Eight Organic Facial Cream

Black Dog Asana Approved

Living naturally is very important to us here at Black Dog Asana.  Equally as important, is the way we treat and care for our bodies.  We only have one, and it can only be a temple if we treat it as such.  Always on the hunt for natural products that will perform every time, we called on our good friend Victoria at Asha Brands, another awesome yoga site.  Victoria pointed us to Nurish Organics, a Toronto based company working hard to create products with purpose.  Nurish Organics offers a line of targeted natural and organic moisturizers.  They are breaking us free from the cycle of moisturize, cover up, dry back out and then moisturize all over again.  These moisturizers solve the problems rather than masking it so that you have to buy again and again and again.  A company that wants to do right by you, the consumer – refreshing is is it not?  We think that the yoga community will welcome Nurish Organics with arms wide open.

Nurish Organics Rejuvenating facial creamWe got our paws on their Rejuven-Eight, a protective and restorative day cream.  When we say that this product is natural and organic – we really mean it.  The only way to get a fresher, more natural and organic facial cream is to make it yourself, out of what you personally grow…not to sure about you, but we do not have either the time or the knowledge and expertise to do so.  Thank goodness for Nurish Organics, they do the work and we reap the benefits.  Rejuven-Eight is amazing.  I mean you see results after just one use amazing.  All of the hype, the rave reviews and beaming testimonials are spot on – you won’t see a single trouble spot on your face. This cream will leave your skin luscious, and supple, corrected and clean.  I was blown away at the results at the speed with which they started showing.  I do not know if I can really convey the reaction thatI had when trying this product.  You should just try it for yourself, and see what I mean.  In fact, try any of their natural and organic products and you will see why they have been awarded multiple certifications.

The cream smells as great as it feels and works.  Murphy loves it too.  I always end up taking too much, Murphy inched forward sniffing it.  Knowing how natural and organic the product is, I had no qualms about letting him have some.  He enjoyed a nice little facial massage and nice moisturizing facial.

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