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“Now come into savasana and begin to quiet your mind.” Check. That’s the easy part.  For us at Black Dog Asana, whether its noises like Murphy barking or running around the house, or monkey mind – you know when your mind hops from thought to thought like an excited monkey jumping from branch to branch, maintaining a quiet mind can be as tough as some of our yoga poses.  Sometimes we could use a little help meditating or quieting our minds.  A lovely scent can help to sooth an excited mind, as can inviting darkness by turning off your light…or you can combine both of these helpful techniques with a fantastic silk eye pillow from  Jane.

Jane, Inc. makes the most amazing eye pillows out of wonderfully soft and cooling silk, as well as filled with lavender and flax which gives them a delicate and calming scent, and a lighter weight to aid you in relaxing your mind.  The amazing part, is that this wonderful scent of lavender won’t fade.  Pop the pillow in the microwave for just ten seconds or our favorite, put it in the sun for a bit and the scent is rejuvenated – ensuring that you get your moneys worth many times over.  Lavender has been used for years as a remedy for restless minds, stress, mood disturbances, insomnia and depression.  This makes it the choice aid to calm or sooth your mind into meditation.  Other eye pillows can be heavy and either irritating your eyes or become annoying.  Jane’s eye pillows are like a master yogi’s life, the perfect balance of everything.

Even if you’ve tried eye pillows before – for meditation, relaxation or just to fall asleep and have been left wondering why everyone else loves them – you’ll understand why they’re so great with an eye pillow from Jane.  Since 1994 Jane has been working to serve their customers with the best products and services available.  And it shows.  Jane offers a wide array of products to help you relax and pamper yourself.  After all you spend your days taking care of everyone else, now is the time to focus on yourself.  Just one product from Jane, and we highly recommend their silk eye pillow (or organic cotton if that’s more your style) and you’ll be giving everyone on your list gifts from her amazing line this year.  Just watch.  You’ll see the light… or maybe, with a pillow from Jane, you won’t.

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