Erbaviva Hand Lotion

Erbaviva Hand Lotion

Black Dog Asana Approved

Over the winter here in Pittsburgh I always seem to amass a bunch of hand creams in a vain attempt to keep my hands moisturized.  With out fail I am outside during the winter – whether it’s to run Murphy, ski or run off to teach a yoga class somewhere.  Needless to say it is a constant battle to stave off the dry, rough and cracked skin which is not a very appealing trait for a yoga instructor to have – “here try this…while my scaly hands scratch you…”.  Yea it is no good.  Enter Erbaviva, the solution to send those scales scurrying.  Now let me explain that this wasn’t a try it once and it kind of worked so I am happy deal.  No this is an in just one use it improved my hands so much that I kept using it and will not stop kind of deal.  If you have dry hands you know that this is one deal that is hard to find.  So do yourself a favor, find a way to rid your room, bathroom or wherever of all those other creams and replace them with the Erbaviva.

If you have not yet read the rest of the site, you might not know how persnickety of a person I can be.  I want to find the right product for the right job and that product has to do a stellar job for me to consider it.  On top of that I’d like it to look and or smell amazing.  This being a hand cream looks aren’t terribly important – but Erbaviva has done a great job of keeping it simple and has earned style points in my book.  The smell though – that is important.  I am easily irritated by scents and get very picky about a cream I am going to cary with me and use all day long.  The orange and neroli blossoms that are infused in this little wonder of a hand cream are a dream.  I mean I love the smell of this stuff.  The scent is light, a bit exotic, and warm.  Yes I am sitting here sniffing my hands right now.  Get yourself a bottle and experience what I am talking about – Erbaviva.

But now on to the really important part of this review: Does it work?  Miraculously so.  Just the first use a lone will feel like a cool oasis in the desert of dry skin for your hands.  Skin is moisturized and springs back to life after just one use.  Continued use of this great product will maintain the health of your hands.  We use our hands for just about everything – from washing dishes, to practicing yoga, to buckling ski boots, playing fetch with your miniature horse of a puppy and much more.  So why not take care of them with one product that works (and smells great!) rather than wasting time, money and energy on trying products that cannot compare?  Erbaviva is not just bringing you a great hand cream either.  They work hard, searching for the best natural ingredients so that you can maintain the healthy look and feel of your skin naturally – which is extremely important to us yogis and yoginis.  From lotions, to body sprays and scrubs, to room sprays and more, Erbaviva has a wonderful and fantastic line of products that fit your needs naturally.

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