COOLA Suncare Products

COOLA Suncare Products

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Recently I traveled to Mexico for my yoga teacher training.  Maya Tulum is located in the Ucatan Penninsula – so the tropics.  Even in their rainy season the sun still shines hot and strong.  My Pittsburgh skin was just not prepared for that.  I needed a suncare product that was effective, but I also wanted something that was  not laiden with chemicals.  At Black Dog Asana we like our organic products.  Finding an organic product to bring with me that could handle the tropical sun seemed like I was asking for too much – Not to the guys and gals at COOLA Suncare!

COOLA Suncare products are great organic options for those who want a healthy sun kissed body and planet.  Their suncare line is full of organic products that work.  I really put them to the test.  Both the facial and body sunscreens rocked.  Both were sweat and water resistant and kept my skin from burning- while also allowing me to get a bit of a tan.  They also had a wonderful hint of coconut which is much more pleasant than smelling like sweat or sunscreen.  I was amazed when they both withstood a walk on the beach, a hot yoga practice and then some time sunning myself on the beach and a swim in the ocean – all without a need to reapply (although with how great it feels and smells you’ll want to keep putting it on through out the day!).  I sweat my butt off on this trip (somehow I always ended up close to the heaters in practice) so I was pleased that it held up to just my sweat alone – but was blown away that it lasted through even more.

I also gave some of the COOLA Suncare products to my brother and sister-in-law for their trip to Disney World with their two daughters.  Knowing how light the aerosol spray was and how great it smelled I thought that getting sunscreen on the kids would be a lot easier with the products from COOLA Suncare.  It turns out that I was right (that doesn’t happen too often).  The girls loved it and everyday diligently wore their COOLA Suncare.  My brother and sister-in-law liked the products too.  I think that they were just thankful for a product that was healthy, protective and that made traveling with two young children a little bit easier.

The next time your travels call for sunscreen we highly recommend COOLA Sunmcare Products.  After putting them through the ringer we can say that they passed with shining colors.  (The products themselves are an awesome shade of blue – oh and they have options that meet the size requirements for airline travel – which makes a Nervous Nelly like me happy).  COOLA Suncare Products have become part of our travel checklist!

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