Close Your Eyes Body Lotion


Close Your Eyes Body Lotion

Close Your Eyes Body Lotion from SpaRitualWe’ve done it!  Black Dog Asana has found the lotion of our dreams.  No really – we found an all natural, rich and nourishing body lotion that helps you relax so you can fall asleep.  Amazing, we know.  We’re talking about the Close Your Eyes(R) Body Lotion made by SpaRitual.  Completely conscious of what they put into their all natural products like this sleep inviting lotion, SpaRituals is one ritual that we can repeat religiously.  You can rest easy knowing that you are caring for your body the way nature intended, with wholesome and natural ingredients free from harsh chemicals.  Their Close Your Eyes Body Lotion is made from natural ingredients like their certified organic aloe vera, their organic olive oil, and sesame and soybean oils.

These ingredients ensure that the powerful moisturizer is easily absorbed by your skin rather than smothering it and causing an oily feeling or even breakouts.  If you have sensitive skin, or simply want to choose products that are made from the bounty of nature and are free from synthetics or chemicals, then choose your new favorite from SpaRitual’s line of luscious and nurturing moisturizers.  If you are looking for one that will replenish your skin’s moisture after a long day, and that will help you unwind and relax as you get ready for bed, you have to do yourself a favor and try the Close Your Eyes Body Lotion.  You will not believe how supple this powerful moisturizer can feel.

Fall and Winter here in Western Pennsylvania can be tough on a yogi’s skin – so finding the right moisturizer is essential.  Finding one that works, and is free from chemicals is our dream come true.  Having sensitive skin makes finding the perfect moisturizer even more difficult.  SpaRituals has given us a powerful product that lasts all day, leaving your hands face and body moisturized and protected from the harsh weather until you’re ready to crawl back into bed and unwind again – without a trip to the Doctor’s or a perscription.  Harness the power of nature, and protect your skin and keep your sanity this year with the all natural moisturizers and products from SpaRitual.

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